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After the long surgery, the two D fighters take a break. On the other hand, Zoro finishes Quixote, Sabo joins him. "You sure Zoro?" said Luffy

"Yeah, you should watch over him while he recuperates from his surgery." Zoro

Meanwhile back at the inn...  

Law, thinking about his past starts to cry. "I couldn't do anything *sniff*...Dammit." said Law as he curled his knees as if to form a ball shape

"Law, don't fight this battle alone. You've got us, plus your own team who also cares for you." said Luffy

*sniff* "Really? And here I was, treating you guys like a jerk. You'd stil go that far to save me?"

"Yeah, because like Ace, your also like a brother to me. That's why I'd go to such extremes to save you and my team." Luffy

"It's true. You should see Luffy go at it." said the innkeeper

"Heh...your something else strawhat-ya." Law as he wiped a tear from his eye

"That's how he is Law. You can't help but be friends with him." said Kaku, a former enemy. Now working as the innkeeper.

Paulie, a former citizen of W7...and Luffy were having an alone time with Law. Nursing him back.

"So, what happened while I wasn't with you guys?" Paulie

"Well, Luffy here almost died in Marineford. If it wasn't for me and my crew. He wouldn't have been here." Law

"That right Luffy?" Paulie

"Yeah, it was to save my dying brother who was gonna be executed at the hands of Akainu and his men" Luffy


"That'd be the one. And to see Law like this, I almost went through that scene again."

"Heh...don't remind me Strawhat-ya. It was tough enough look at you guys, muchless my crew if they saw that I was in this predicament." Law

"Interesting, so you guys almost experienced the same thing?"

"Just about" Luffy

*laughs* "I wouldn't hear the end of it. Luffy kept pestering me to join their crew."

"So did you?" Paulie

"Yeah...I also kept hearing this voice inside my head during the operation." Law

"You guys're something else, gonna give me a heart attack before I turn 40" Paulie joking

*Luffy & Law laugh*

"How old are you now?"

"Only 32" said Paulie

"That's how we roll. Even Zoro, Nami and Sanji was reluctant to join too" Luffy

The gang were having a great time. Which Robin brought them some food. Luffy was happy to have him as a friend. Even though they may disagree at times. He'd team up with Zoro.
Sitting in the Dressrosa lobby, Luffy paces back and forth. "Settle down captain. We're just as worried as you are." Zoro

Law, being accepted into the O.R just hours ago...Luffy's team wait for the results in the lobby. Hey, I got you guys something to eat.

"Thanks Robin."

And you thought that Sanji was the only good cook in the manga. Well, turns out that Robin used one of the kitchen's to cook her friends some fresh food. Considering that they've been in the battlefield and they haven't had anything to eat.

"How is he?"

"Well, he dodged a big bullet. Luffy here... came just in time. If he hadn't done what he did. He would've passed on for sure. So you can tell that it hit Luffy the hardest. Like Ace, Trafalgar was also like a big brother to him and us. Even though he doesn't want to admit it at times." Zoro

The time, 6:57 in the evening. Robin uses the wifi network to keep in touch with the other team headed to the new island. The message is as follows...

"How're you guys doing? Sorry we haven't been able to stay in touch. We ran into quite a bit of trouble. With Usopp, Franky. Down to Luffy, Law and Zoro. Thanks to the captain's initiative he went in and defended Law from Quixote. You know, as he didn't want to see that scene from Marineford to play again.

We'll update you when given down time. This' Robin, Luffy, Zoro, Law, Franky, Usopp and Kin'emon signing off..."

The surgery to repair Law's arm went on for hours. The time now...10 pm. With everybody tired and worn out, except Luffy, head to the Dressrosa inn. And Luffy keeping watch. "Where's the others?" said Luffy quietly

"Your friends went back to the inn. " said the young guard

Come the morning, one of the doctors that was working on Law carried him into the lobby.

"How is he doctor?"

"Good. If you hadn't done what you did, it would've been a lot worse"


"It's late now. I asked the nurse if you and Law can sleep in the lobby." said the young guard

"Thanks" Luffy

"Heh, think nothing of it bro" Paulie, as he posed as the guard



"That I was still the mayor of W7? Nah, I handed it over to Iceberg. 'Sides I wanted to know how you guys were doing. So I catched the W7 Outbound train to Dressrosa. Anyways, what's this I hear that you allied with Law?" Paulie

"Well, it was part of a mission that my crew underwent. Unfortunately, the mission went up in smoke. Because my friend here was supposed to be a part of the team in order to take down Kido. Now, Quixote stood before us. Through this, we've sorta made him an ally."

"Yeah, that's like you all right. Doing crazy stuff. You Do realize the kind of kid he is right?"

"I know, but through this, we've become best friends. And I couldn't just let Quixote have his way." Luffy

"I get that. Well, it's late now. Why don't we call it quits, we can talk more tomorrow?" Paulie

"Good idea."

So the three sleep in the lobby of the Dressrosa hospital
Luffy reads a note that was sent by a carrier pigeon "coo, coo" the bird taps Luffy. Luffy reads the letter and it is as follows...

"Man, the look on your face once you've seen what I did to your friend."


"LAW!!" said Luffy as he crumples up the paper.

Not wasting any time...he heads to where Law is at.

*scene changes*

Law, who's been there for Luffy even when Luffy was on his last breath. About to be killed by Akainu and his Marine men. laying, all bruised up. Law hears a voice.

"It's not your time to go yet. You still have a great crew ahead of you." said the voice.

It was a voice from Law's past. One who stuck by him and his family.

*meanwhile...Luffy tries to wake up Law*

"Don't do this to me. Your one of my team's best friends. I can't afford to lose another friend." Luffy

The voice agrees as well... "Go to them Law. You can be another fighter as well as a doctor, helping them out. Law's mom

"He's right son. Think about it. You can explore uncharted waters in the New World. Things that we couldn't have been able to do." Law's dad

"And stop being a stick in the mud oniichan. It's what I would've wanted too, if I were alive." Law's sister

"You hear that? Now go." Corazon

"B-but!" Law as he tries to grab the voices hand.

*Law wakes up*

"Whoa, when did you get here?" said Law as he turned his head and was suprised that Luffy was there

"Well a pigeon just dropped me a note. Noting the predicament that you were in."

The time: 9 pm. Zoro, along with Kin'emon and Franky join Luffy and Law. And they have a campfire. Zoro, being like the big brother of Luffy's team, was also worried that Law wasn't gonna make it.

"Sorry guys, it seems we failed the mission" said Law

"There's that...but what's better is having this time with friends. I'm sure there'll come other opportunities." Kin'emon

"I heard you guys had a hard time." Zoro

"Yeah, I was afraid that Law wouldn't come out of the coma."

"So, you were there this whole time?"

"Yeah, it's what Robin and Nami would've wanted too."

"Speaking of team, you should join us Law. My captain would want it." Zoro

"That's what this voice kept saying in my head. Truthfully, I thought that you guys were nothing but all talk. But man, was I wrong."

"I admit that Luffy may do some of the craziest things now and then. He just does it as he cares for his team. I'm sure the same was for when you were with Shachi and Penguin. But as what Zoro said, when Captain's fixed on it rescuing a friend or getting a teammate on board. He won't have no as an answer." Franky

The gang were having a conversation with Law, who woke up. Having feared the worst. Luffy, Zoro, Kin'emon and Franky were close by.

As for the battle with Quixote, Zoro and Franky took care of him.

"Heh, heck why not? Since you guys pushed me into having an alliance with you in the first place."

*laughs* "Stubborn as always Law-dono" Kin'emon

*Zoro laughs*

"How does he do it?" Viola

"Well, he has this impeccable way of getting people to join the crew. Which will have to wait. Seems Law's tired out." Franky
One Piece - Your Time Hasn't Come Yet
Those that don't know about this title. It is based around #780. As you know, Quixote wanted to set a trap for Luffy. In this version, Law hears a voice. "It's not your time Law. It would look bad on us if your life was to end here right now" 

This' an original story, like a "What if". 
Pt. 1 of the Wedding. Commander Joshua works with Gibbs to get things ready for the big day on April 14. For Tim's men...

Joshua Bright
Christopher Levin

For Abby...


Weddings. It's life's most treasured event. Family and friends, all getting together to celebrate the moment that the two tie the knot. Now...another couple will do it. An agent and a forensics genius. They have been together, seen countless sunsets, been to movies. Even Evalyn Levin have invited them to church. can bet that they did a lot together. And thus...the kids also get things ready for the big day.
After work, Jordan heads for the weight room in the amenities basement floor. Unbeknownst to him... he sees familiar kids that have been to the NCIS Stryker base before. "Hey guys, haven't seen you in a long while" Jordan

"Yeah, same here. I see you've grown a lot since last time we saw you." Daichi as he smacks Jordan's fist

"Thanks to our other recruited team. The one from Trails in the Sky"

"Ah, Joshua and Agate" Shoyo

"Yep, that'd be the one. So...what brings you here?"

"Well-" said Daichi

"Captain here wants to fight alongside you guys" Shoyo


"Yeah, after all I did to Shoyo and you guys." Daichi

"Tsuki kei I take it?"

"Yeah. He was the one that used me to attack you and Shoyo."

"How bout this? We use this to spar. So to take our mind off of it." Jordan  

"That'd be great. Just like old times eh?" Daichi

*laughs* "That settles it. Guess I'm in too." Shoyo

"For this match, I will be fighting with my brother; Agate. He's one of my partners of the base. Sound good?" Jordan

"Yeah. I want to see how far you've come, or if your just all talk." Daichi

"There's one thing you should be careful though... Commander Joshua implemented Fusion S-Craft attacks. Two fighters merge and they perform the attack." Joshua Bright


"It's Tales of Zestiria mixed in with Trails in the Sky." Joshua Bright

As Jordan, Agate, Daichi and Shoyo step into the training room they meet up with Jin. The newest operator of the Training Room.

"Welcome guys :). What background would you want to have?"

"The Duscae region"


Room #001 opens and shows a vast open field

"Careful out there Daichi and Sho. Jordan's not the same like he was when you guys fought."

*gulp* "W-we'll keep that in mind" Shoyo

to be continued...  


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What's up Zeta here :). I haven't updated my profile in a while. Due to me writing fics and chatting on the PlayStation FB pages.

That will change though.
After that short game of Knack; I'll be heading to Second Son :). PS4's first triple-A title of 2014. Should be an interesting ride with Delsin Rowe now at the helm of the new adventure.

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