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Day 2. With the fog not letting up anytime soon, schools closed etc...things indeed started to take a turn for the worst.

Your thinking to yourself "how could a president, that has sworn oath into office, suddenly turn to terrorism"? Rightfully so, that's what he just did. By forcing his executive actions on the people. For the western states, they have turned green. Which have become an independent state, cut off from D.C. So any anti-American law posed on the states would be shot down right away.

States like western Washington, California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho etc... The liberals that used to run the state? Have been defeated by a majority vote of 100-80. And have turned to opposing the president's laws.  

So much so that states like California and western Washington seceded from the union and merged to become one independent nation of itself. Neo Washington was the new name. A new metropolis, totally shut off from D.C.

The offices were open, so there was still work to be done around the office. Ashton Beal also called the fighters to the OSP for a mission. It was just clock work. This made the president of the W.H furious, but fortunately was defeated by his own cabinet members. As he no longer had no say.

His daughters, while they acknowledge him as their father. One thing they'll never do, is bow to his "kingship".  
Just when things were getting good. Jordan was chilling in the base, along with his brother: Agate (as Kevin) and family. While tech workers: Ashton and Rowena were enjoying a movie on the OSP Center's 4K touch screen.

Until...Jordan got a message.

"Wonder who could be calling us at this hour?" He said to himself.

In the OSP center, Ashton and Rowena finished the movie. Just like Jordan, they also got a message. Something suspicious was indeed happening. So Ashton summoned the team.

*in the OSP center*

*yaawn* Belt as he came into the OSP center.

"Sorry to wake you guys up. But seems we got a bit of an issue here"

"So, you got the same message?" said Jordan

"Yeah. Pretty sure all of us did."

Pence also comes into the center

"Seems everybody's here. Here's what really happened."

The video plays and the time stamp reads 2 hrs ago

"America, if u don't stop what you are doing, I will continue my executive actions. All this, u seem to not trust me. Well, I want you to suffer. And if need be, I will personally come to you"

video stops playing

"To think, he invited us in the white house. Was it all for nothing?" said Belt

"That was probably a ruse, but deep down he was planning something behind your backs when you guys left" Jordan

"I-Is it true?"

"While I don't want to admit it, he's telling the truth." Ashton

Jordan's POV
That's how it was, America's president has now turned to terrorism. The "so-called" liberals, now afraid that event the president has turned his back against them. Now...they're coming to us and apologizing for their wrong doing.

My brother and I helped area police to arrest some. Probably with this, they will finally learn their lesson.

Some even did a 180 and joined our fight. Because now they only figured that trying to oppose us would be meaningless. While most would remain loyal to the president's cause. Those within the abortion business and many others.

The following day, a huge fog surrounded the whole city and residential neighborhoods. "Great, just what we needed" said Kevin (Agate Crosner).

This was and is his plan all along, to level the nation to a crumbling pile of ash.

Well, the people stood up to him. Taking the nation by storm. The president's daughter? She tore his executive action. "Enough of this" she said. "You need to turn yourself in" when people took a stand against the terrorist that would befall them. Training in the NCIS Stryker base and else-where that had a weightroom and gym.
Prior to Marineford tragedy...Ace meets up with Law. He was also greeted by Penguin and Shachi. "We know that this' a long shot, but if you can Law go in Ace's place."

Not knowing what to expect Law disagrees. "But wasn't I your captain? What's this all about?" Penguin agreed, but told him the situation. Stubborn as always, Shachi beat it out of him. Finally getting to terms of what's to happen in Marineford, Law agrees.

"Heh, you guys drive a high bargin. But if it's what Luffy wants. Then I'll accept."

*meanwhile a person meets Luffy on the Thousand Sunny*

"Hey, can I hangout with you?"



Zoro was suprised "You don't belong here."

"Quit with the act Zoro, this' not only your ship. I'm captain of this ship, you guys are my teammates. I have the final say"

"Maybe I should go." Thought Law

"N-no, that's okay. You can hangout around. 'Sides, with what's happened so far. It'd be nice to have another brother figure". Luffy

"Truth is, my crew wanted me to be a part of your team. As you can see. It was a long shot, as I wasn't ready to give up my captain duties."

"And they fought you for it."

"haha, yeah. In the end, I was the one that lost. And the rest of the story, well... here I am." Law

Sanji makes lunch for Law and brings it to him

"Thanks, I didn't get your name."

"It's Sanji, pleasure to have you on the ship"

"Thanks. Heard a lot about you guys during my travels. And Nami, a former pirate hunter?"

"*laughs* Guilty as charged. Yeah, I also wasn't willing to go with Luffy. My only family was the fish family. With Arlong. But seeing what he was after, I couldn't just go with him"

That's how it was, Luffy came to visit us which Penguin insisted that he be one of their fighters. They found another captain to man the submarine.

It was the top of the 4th inning. With no outs by Stryker. Kevin (Agate), Natsu Dragneel and Joshua Bright have once again loaded the bases. The captain of KC gave about 23-27 walk-off home runs and inside the park home runs.

The stadium...XSEED Games Field (stadium A). Stryker was also made up of DL players who were last seen recovering in the weight room of the NCIS Stryker base. Thanks to Jordan, his brother and sister. They now had a full recovery and are just as powerful as ever.

Leading Stryker, Pence hits another home run. Followed by Posey and Strickland. The score now rises to 40. The inning...7th inning. "This' a nightmare" one of the players of KC said

"Heh, just because you won against the Mets, doesn't mean that same tactic you guys pulled will work here" said Crawford

The game ended at the 9th inning. With a score of 40-20, Stryker beats KC. The fans of the opposing team clap. "Good game, you guys are also really good too" said Belt

"Thanks. While I hate to admit it, you guys had that iron wall built." Zobrist

With the game over, the team bows and shakes hands. With the stadium lights off, Jordan cleans up the clubroom. "Your still here?" Jordan

"Yeah. Seems that your friends improved. And they weren't just relaxing due to them being DLed." Zobrist

"Yeah, Pence and Belt wanted to spar and train with me and my brother. So I agreed, we couldn't just say no. For Belt, it took weeks. Weeks turned into months. With him just getting out of his surgery". Jordan

While recovering, Jordan's family tended to Belt. Which Evalyn Levin was like a mother to him. "Wow, I didn't know you could talk in tagalog" said Jordan

"Haha. Well, my mom was fluent in the language. Before moving to San Francisco, we used to live in Metro Manila." Belt

"How's your leg?"

"It's getting there, but not fully recovered yet. Can never thank you guys enough" Belt

With Cloud being called to join the main team in western Washington's base....he happily obliges. But yet will have to leave his other team behind.

"Say it ain't so" Tifa as she was teary-eyed.

"It is. Commander Joshua Levin has requested that I join them. With the way things are now, and with this president wreaking havoc...It's best that I lend my skills to them. And Tifa, try to understand k? It's hard on me, leaving you guys behind. But that time has come"

So Tifa helps Cloud pack. "While I hate to admit it, it's for the best. And I'll hold the fort here." she said. "Speaking of the Commander, I just got a text from him. Guess this' indeed it huh buddy? I remember the times we had, despite us battling Sephiroth" said Barrett

"Indeed. Okay Cloud, I got everything for you. Stay safe."

So the Space Bridge that leads to the NCIS Stryker base opens up in Nibelheim. Cloud revs his motorcycle. "Take care!" said Cloud as he speeds into the bridge. And thus, is the last time they'd see him in a long while.

in the Space Bridge

" 'Sup, Jordan here. Welcome to NCIS Stryker. You'll be lodging here and will be fighting alongside us for the next few years."

"Hey bud, how's it been" said Cloud as he was talking to Jordan via a holographic screen

"Heh, too long if you ask me. We'll be here to welcome you" Jordan

"Cool, can't wait to meet the team."

Space Bridge opens and Cloud parks his bike in the B1 garage of the NCIS Stryker base

"Guys, I'd like you to meet my long time bud. Cloud" Jordan

"Pleasure to meet you. Name's Agate, but you can call me Kevin. Why don't we head into the weight room. We can catch up there." Kevin Levin

"Sounds great. Lead the way" Cloud

Kevin (Agate Crosner) leads Cloud and Kevin's team into the weight room. Cloud was surprised to see how big the base was. "Barret wasn't kidding"

"Barret?" Natsu

"Barret Wallace, he's one of Cloud's teammates in FFVII." Kevin  

"Yeah, he told me that I'd be lodging with you guys." Troy (Cloud)

"The sleeping quarters is a level above this one" Jordan

In the weightroom, the gang continue their conversation while some lift weights and exercise.

"You remember Belt and Pence?"

"Yeah, my hometown was in San Francisco. Belt used to invite me to their game at the AT&T Park" Troy

"Hey, look who it is. It's our long time classmate" Belt surprised

"Yeah it is. How've you been?" Pence

"I'm doing good, and u guys?"

"Same. It wasn't the same, ever since you moved to Nibelheim." Posey

"Troy here was one of the kids that defended the special needs kids at our school" Jordan


"Yeah, got kinda out of hand. So much so that some of the students had to repeat 9th grade".

"That's cool :). So, what do u guys do here?"

"Well, our work is NCIS. You've heard of it right?"

"Yeah. Watch it every time" Troy

"Cool. This' the main branch to NCIS: Los Angeles. Kevin and my nephew; Detective Marty Deeks frequents this weigh room often, along with his wife; Kensi" Jordan

"That said, I heard you got admitted to Smash Bros. Way to go :). Normally it's hard to get in" Belt

"Yeah, they outfitted me with the Midgar background. Or a bigger version of it." Troy

So the newest fighter was Troy (Cloud). The kids helped him get settled in the sleeping quarters' upper floor. He was also greeted by Kevin and Jordan's dad and mom. Workers of the NCIS base as well.  

more to come soon...


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What's up Zeta here :). I haven't updated my profile in a while. Due to me writing fics and chatting on the PlayStation FB pages.

That will change though.
After that short game of Knack; I'll be heading to Second Son :). PS4's first triple-A title of 2014. Should be an interesting ride with Delsin Rowe now at the helm of the new adventure.

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