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Having now just 150HP, Queen Palutena completely restores Haikyu!!'s HP to 64,000. With the help of Daichi, Kageyama, Sho and Ryunosuke...they now head up to the 37th floor. The floor that resembles Karasuno's gym.

"Recognize this place guys?" Natsu

"You should, it was this place that you guys had many challenges. And unless you can defeat us, this is where it will end for you. Do you think you can best me and Natsu?"

Gray and Natsu stand before them in Karasuno's gym, the 37th floor of the Palace Anime. Each floor, the palace dons a new background. Going up to the 50th floor, where the background has a final change.

"Remember what we went through Sho. Compared to that, these should be nothing." Ryunosuke


Gray and Natsu do a Trigger On of their own and Gray becomes Jordan's high school buddy; Eric (NORA's Bajee) and Natsu becomes Ryu. Like the previous floor fighters, these two also have 520,000HP. But the difficulty is slightly higher.  

Both fighters from Fairy Tail. Gray specializes in Ice, so even in his transformed state, he can perform his Ice Make attacks. And Natsu can also still perform his fire attacks. Yeah, they weren't gonna just give Daichi and his crew an easy pass.

"So, all the bosses here have a Trigger On?" questioned Daichi

"Yep, it's to test you guys how much you have improved. Like the volleyball matches you have will be translated into these fights." Natsu

The battle music or the floor plays to the theme of Final Fantasy Dimensions; Light World. Everybody was giving it their all. Gray (Eric) takes their HP to 200. Followed by Natsu.

"Heh, what's wrong. Thought you guys were good dodgers" Gray

"Is that all you've got?"

"Th-this isn't nothing"

"Well then show us. Prove that you can stand up to your friend; Jordan and his dad's newly recruited team." Natsu

"Well, you heard the dude. Let's get it done" Ryunosuke

"That's more like it"

Suddenly Sho activates his break and dishes out heavy damage to both Gray and Natsu as a last resort.

"There you go. Don't stop. Keep pushing like this and you guys will get it" Gray

Daichi's gang ends the battle with his teammate; Sho performing a limit break. One thing was for sure, these fighters were slightly harder.

"Congrats guys. the next fighters are up the stairs to my right". Queen Palutena

Queen Palutena hails from Kid Icarus, in this, she provides as a checkpoint as well as a HP recovery point

Overall Daichi's team's HP was down to 95 this time. Now they've been healed back and gained a level. Their new level is 70,000 HP.
Daichi was walking around the Palace compound with his friends, that is until they saw two brothers enter the area.

"They came undetected"

Daichi as he saw the two West brothers.

"So, Yuma explained to you everything. How these fights will go." Wally

"Yeah, seems pretty tough. That we wouldn't be able to escape until we get game over ourselves or that we eventually beat every one of you" Ryunosuke

"Well, you guys did step into what we call; "EX Dungeon". A place where only tough fighters would survive"

"Yeah, c'mon captain. You said it yourself that you wanted to try your hand in beating these new team that Commander Joshua's team has has recruited." Shoyo

"I did didn't I? Heh, my own teammate scolding me."

"We also want to test how far you guys have come. Y'know, from your volleyball matches with several high school kids. But unlike volleyball, this system is pure battle. So you'd be using your fists, feet etc... to throw us off guard" Wally

"Enough chat, let's get this thing going" Bart

"My thoughts exactly. Just because he's our friend, doesn't mean we'll go easy on you." Ryunosuke

"You say that, but wait until you see how much he's improved. Thanks in part with training with Reiji and the rest of the World Trigger gang" Wally

The match has gotten underway. Each fighter had a total of 520,000 HP each. But each floor posed a new challenge. And the higher the team goes, the difficult it gets.

Can these survive long enough that Haikyu!! finally meets the real bosses of the Anime Palace? It all comes down to who can support each other when things start to really heat up.

Down to 150 HP, Daichi and team go on to the next set of battle. Challenging Natsu and his friend; Gray.
NCIS Stryker: Palace of Anime Intro

The Palace of Anime, NCIS Stryker's Training Room portion of the NCIS Stryker base. A place to exercise and battle random fighters from a wide range of franchises. Ranging from One Piece, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Final Fantasy XV. To Ben's new team of World Trigger. Including the twin brothers; Jordan and Reiji

With the new system put in place, Jordan's friends from Haikyu!!; Daichi, Shoyo, Nishinoya, Sugawara, Azumane, Kageyama & Inouka try their hand at the upgraded battle room.

The setting: A modern version of Hollow Bastion.

*Daichi arrives at the entrance*

"Seems they want to go through with this." Yuma

"What do you think dude?" questioned Jordan

"I say let them, this' our chance to test out the new Trigger system" Reiji

"I knew you'd say that. Guess there's no stopping you guys huh?" Ryunosuke

"Nope, especially with the heightened training the original fighters went through. This makes it all the more interesting." Osamu

"K, get in guys. Anyone willing to ally up with Daichi?" Deeks

"I-I will" said Sho

"No need to be afraid dude. I'll be with you" said Sho's captain; Daichi

"And for all boss fighters, get into place" said the internal Training Room CPU

"That'd be us." Yuma, as he and Osamu head into the room.

"Now where are we supposed to go?" Osamu

"Our battle comes at the top of the palace, floor 52." Jin

"Ready Chika?" Reiji

"Yeah, and thanks for training me."

*And so, the trainers teleport and head up to floors 50-52. Ben Tennyson, Rook, Kevin, Gwen, Jordan, Reiji, Yuma, Osamu & Chika*

"Wow, this place's changed since we've been here last time" Ryunosuke

"Let's push through. After all we've been through tough fights" Shoyo

"No doubt. Guess this' it. Ready guys?" Daichi

"Well, see ya at the top." Yuma

The Haikyu!! kids step through the entrance to Hollow Bastion. The former battleground of Sora and team. Now has went through a major renovation. To include a space galactic modern theme of World Trigger.

For Team Haikyu!! Their job would soon be cut out for them, as Commander Joshua's newest team would test their skills. And see how they can co-operate as a team. To first test them, Tales of RPG's Jude, Milla, Alvin, Elize w/Teepo.
NCIS: Stryker - Story Behind the Double Trigger

You were probably wondering; "What exactly is Double Trigger"? The new version of the Trigger transformation system. Simply put, it's when two fighters of the same fighter class and fighter type transform

Or in Reiji and Jordan's case, due to them being twin brothers. The feature pops up at any given time they request to transform. It's one feature that non-World Trigger combatants of NCIS: Stryker will have to master via doing battle with those that have Double Trigger within their system.

Due to this, the combat level in the training room has risen. Giving each trainer 520,000 HP. The original trainees; Jordan, Reiji, Marty, Ben, Kensi & Wally also had a hard time. Due to Eric; Jordan's buddy (NORA's Bajee) and Cooper Daniels of Ben 10 Alien Force. So the new fighters can imagine how tough it was when Jordan and gang went through it.

This also made Reiji, Jordan, Osamu, Chia & Yuma  as super bosses. As their rank both read A & S respectively. Osamu went straight up to A, as did Yuma with the trainers; Jordan and Reiji.

For a defense mechanism, any intruder will be met with harsh bosses of World Trigger. Like if characters were to enter the Training room suddenly, Yuma would suddenly teleport and greet the intruders. His partner would then step in; be it Osamu or Yuichi and Jordan with Reiji and Chika.


"So, how's the boss rooms set up?" questions Reiji

"Well, it's like Kingdom Hearts brought in to today's time. Instead of a castle, it would be a hi tech palace. Known as Tower 52, for the 52 floors. Or Palace of Anime"

"Oh, I get it. there's a set of guardians. Once you defeat them, the fighter would unlock a new floor. The elevator at floor 45 would go up to the 50th floor. Guardian's Ben Tennyson, Rook Blonko and Cooper Daniels would be floor 50's boss. Then comes the flight of stairs that lead up to the 52nd floor. This would our boss room. World Trigger. It would have a space theme" Yuma

"Then floors 40, down to 1?" questioned Osamu

"That would be random bosses of KH, Final Fantasy Type-0, Tales series, Naruto, One Piece (Nine, Ace, Seven, Trey etc...)" Jin

The training room now with World Trigger has a space theme running on the 52nd floor. The main boss room. Holding A, B, C class fighters and any fighter from any branch of Border.
After the training...

"Seems you met your fighting ally Reiji" Chika

"Well, I know I have Osamu, Yuma and Chika as for allies. But I didn't I have another one" Reiji

"Well, he's also an all-rounder like you. He uses his fists to take down enemies" Wally as he showed him Jordan's profile

"Woah, wait. He looks like me, yet he's also an all rounder too?" Reiji

"Yeah, believe it or not... He's around your power level when it comes to toughness. So much so that him and Marty along with Ben and I took down almost everybody's HP to 1 within the Training room. And you know how the ending goes." Wally

"They knock out him with a Mystic Arte?" Yuma

"Yeah, they get surrounded by this aura."

"But having that said... what if I were to tell you that there was a new Trigger On, that could be activated with two fighters of the same class at the same time?" Replica

"Is that even possible?" Osamu

"Well, just got word from Wally that he was just in talks with the Commander who also knew a thing or two of Trigger On"

"Wow, so you guys've been doing it ever since?"

"Yep" Wally

"And then there's the barrier of C-Class fighters not being able to activate Trigger outside of Border. So it wouldn't work with Osamu" Replica

"heh I heard you had a tough time with that" Jordan

"Yeah, one of the Arashiyama members scolded Osamu." Reiji

"But this new feature known as "Double Trigger" is only for the A and S class only, which you Reiji are an A and Jordan, who's been through this tough training in the Training room before is an S fighter. However, there's some instances where lower class fighters can ally-up with another higher class fighter of the A and S class. But in this state, it's limited to one battle only as the Trion Points would have been completely emptied with the C-class fighters.

With a combination of A-A or A-S fighters, the duration lasts until your armor HP reaches 0 and they revert to their normal selves, meaning that you've sustained enough damage. Then you would have to wait until it recharges. Making you guys vulnerable to attacks, so you'd be attacking and evading the whole time. However, unlike normal Trigger, the Double Trigger armor has twice as much defensive capabilities" Replica

"So, your saying that Jordan can ally with one of us A-fighters?" Reiji

"Yeah. How do I know this? I tested this feature with Yuichi Jin and Jun Arashiyama. Though, seems you two are brothers. This feature would pop up often." Replica

This' an original World Trigger story, which it brings a new Trigger feature into the mix... Enter: Double Trigger, On! A more powerful version of Trigger On not seen in the World Trigger manga"

"What if you ally with a non-World Trigger fighter? Like with Haikyu!! or Fairy Tail" Osamu

"I can answer that. Unfortunately, it has no effect. I saw Daichi went into battle with Kei. He tried activating it, but to no avail. That is until the user with Trion inside their system, be it Jordan, Reiji, Ben, Marty, Wally etc... were to train them in this difficult process.

If they wanted this feature, they'd have to fight us who have the feature" Jin

"You mean...?" Yuma

"Yeah, a two versus 1 match" Jin

Eric here, Jordan's bud from school. Double Trigger is as Replica stated that the feature can only be activated with members of World Trigger that are of the A and S class. A being Yuichi and S being that of Jordan, Marty, Kensi, Ben, Gwen, Reiji Kizaki (Kevin) and Wally West; Bart's younger brother. Though, the non-World Trigger combatants still have a chance as those with the new feature train them.

"Think like terrorists trying to pin you guys down. But you'd be faster then them. Turning their weapons against them." Replica

"Does Commander Joshua know?" Osamu

"Yeah, we had a conversation about it just this morning" Wally

"About being his brother Reiji, it's true. I did find it" Jin as he pulls up Reiji and Jordan, and their last names end up as Levin.

"Yep, your real name is Kevin -Ethan- Levin" Osamu

"I thought it was Reiji" Reiji

"Well you were fighting alongside us as Reiji. Yuma wanted it to be Reiji. Because he knew what you did in the past."

"This' heavy" Jordan

"And, you just happened to be his long time brother" Jin

"Sorry Jordan"

"It's alright, to be honest I'm just as surprised as you." Jordan

"I know it's a lot to take in." Jin

In this version of World Trigger, Jordan and Reiji are in fact twins. Due to the resemblance that Jordan looks like Reiji Kizaki.


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That will change though.
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