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Last time Reiji defeated Jordan and gained the S-rank in the Stryker Rank Wars. Now...Yuma and Osamu will be trying their hand at both S class fighters; Jordan and Reiji. The Levin brothers. How will they fare? It all depends on their team work.

"TRIGGER ON!" Shouts Jordan, Reiji, Yuma & Osamu

Reiji closes the training room door closes behind Osamu and Yuma. "I heard you had a tough time with the main HQ's Miwa Squad. Well, unlike those smal fry. We're on a another level" said Reiji

"What if there's another intrusion like we had with the Miwa Squad?"

"They get crushed by us. Especially with Kido and his team now trying to obtain your Black Trigger. This' why we're training you. So that you stay alert and focused." Reiji

"Bro's right. Having that said, you guys ready?" said Jordan

"Bring it on guys" Yuma

The two Levin brothers disappear and appear behind Yuma and Osamu and flank the two fighers. Jordan taking on Osamu and Reiji taking on Yuma.

"Wow, you weren't kidding. You guys're fast" said Yuma

"Hey, don't let your guard down. Sure, these guys are good. But we also trained too. Thanks to Kirie and Torimaru."

"Then show us that you've improved." Jordan as he cracked his knuckls

Jordan does a forward dash, followed by Reiji. Performing a Team arte attack.

Falcon Strike!


Falcon Strike...a Team Mystic Arte that only the brothers can perform. Leaves their opposition in critical state.

"Now you've done it" Osamu

"Let's see what you've got"

Like how Reiji was glowing, Osamu also begins to glow too. "I'll act as decoy, you get Reiji" said Yuma. "On it"

Osamu charges for Reiji "Trigger Slash!" Reiji gets thrown

"Good, Jordan. I leave it up to you" says Reiji as he rests

Jordan powers up for a Border Strike, but as he is about to finish off Yuma...Yuma also glows and ends the battle and placing Jordan in critical.


"Hey, you okay bro?" As the two smacked fists

"Yeah, you?" Reiji

"Same, but man. I gotta hand it to them. It seems the training paid off. With Kirie training Yuma and Torimaru training Osamu" Jordan

"No doubt.

Osamu helps Jordan and Yuma helps Reiji.

"These guys're tough" Osamu as he tries to help Jordan stand up

"Yeah, well considering the height they're at"

"So, how did we do? With me and Yuma?

"Did really good. Almost had us game over" Reiji

The training room of the NCIS Stryker base reverts to an empty room.  
With fighters like Reiji, Jin, Kirie & Torimaru only at A...they wonder how one can gain the S ranking. "Whoa, you sure guys?" Wally surprised as Jin asked him a question while eating his favorite Bonchi crackers. "Well, you have to challenge us who are already S-class. My nephew; Marty, friend and co-worker of NCIS Stryker; Wally etc..." Jordan

"Seriously?" Reiji was surprised.

"No joke yo." Kevin as he crossed his hands across his chest

Hearing this, this got Reiji fired up. He was more interested than Jin.

As with the World Trigger series. Those that want to climb to a new fighter class would have to challenge those that are of the same class. With Jordan, being 193cm (6'5", two feet above Reiji) it would be slightly easy for those that are close to his height. For those that are several feet below him and Jin, it will be slightly hard. Due to the fact that it would be hard to hit him

"So Reiji, you still want to go through with this?" said Jordan as he appeared at the training room  entrance of the NCIS Stryker base.    

"Yeah, what have I to loose? My team's been through tough battles already" Reiji said

"Fair enough. It'll be a one-on-one test. It's to see how far you've come. You'll go against your brother, who is already an S-class fighter. You can probably guess who." said Wally  


"Y-you Jordan?" Reiji

*laughs* "I don't bite yo. It should be easy for you, seeing as your around my height." Jordan

"If you say so"

*Wally laughs*

"He's telling the truth dude. We also had to go through this tough training in order to upgrade to the S-class"

With this... Jordan assured Reiji that everything will be alright. Just as the two head through the Training room door, the background changes to an open field of Tales of Zestiria.

*door closes*

"Remember this Reiji?"

"H-how did you get a trigger device"

"Like you, I also trained under my dad. He was a tough fighter at that. Pounding Kevin, me and Marty. In the end... we eventually got it. Almost getting a game over"

"So there's no other way?"

"Unfortunately, no"

The fight commenced...Jordan transformed into his soldier form. Reiji donned his Trigger uniform from the manga/anime. With one slight advantage...Jordan using speed punches and kicks to take down the opposition.

"Oh yeah, sniping from afar won't work. Each time a person tries to snipe S class fighters... they get a nasty counter attack."

"Does Wally know?"

"Yeah, all too well Reiji. Jordan and I learned the hard way. We don't use sniping guns here. It was banned. Thanks to a former teammate that Daichi, Jordan's friend had." Wally

"Fair enough. It seems he trains you guys well" said Reiji as he cracked his knuckles.

"Ready to do this?" Jordan


The battle lasted for mins. Minutes turned to hours. With neither side giving up. Heck, even Wally could barely see them due to the speed.

"Your good bro, let's see you dodge this!"

WOLF FANG FURY, just as Jordan is about the connect with the final blow, Reiji comes in with his own super attack.

"Nggh!" Jordan gets pushed back.

Wally never has seen both activate the Mystic Artes at the same time. "So, did I pass?" questioned Reiji. "Yeah, u brought my HP down to critical. Without it dipping down to 0" Jordan

"The artes for both of you will be called...Border Strike!" Wally

"So, a team arte?"

"Yeah. When combined with Yuma. It becomes Delta Strike. The most powerful Mystic Arte combo. For this, Yuma would have to become an A-class fighter" Wally

"Meaning that he'd have to challenge us?"

"That'd be the gist of it."

"And sorry...guess I went overboard. Heh."

"What're you talking about Jordan? It'd be boring otherwise" Reiji

"True enough"

The battle ended with Reiji taking Jordan's HP down to 34 and finishing off with a Mystic Arte of his own.


Shuji meets Yuichi Jin

"So, it's you that's been causing trouble." Jin

"Yeah, so what of it? All Neighbor should be eliminated. If you stand in our way, we'll have no choice but to use force and dispose of you too." Shuji

"Big talk there. Let's see you back it up. And by the don't wan to cross us. Make no mistake, we're not like the ones in the manga." Jin

And coming to meet Jin are Yuma, Osamu, Reiji, Jordan and Chika

"Perhaps we should teach them a lesson" Osamu

"My thoughts exactly" Yuma

Yuma and Osamu disappear and attack Shuji and his partner at lightning speed. With Yuma and Osamu on the offensive... just Tachikawa unsheathes his sword, Jordan, Reiji and Chika flank Tachikawa

"T-too strong." Shuji's partner

"Who are you?" Shuji

"The Levin brothers. My bro; Reiji isnot the same Reiji that you guys know. He's a lot more tougher. And you know what happens when you go against both A and S class fighters, namely us. We won't stop until every last one is defeated" Jordan

"Oh, and I forgot to tell you Miwa Squad. Everybody except Jordan and Reiji are Class A, and Jordan and Reiji...well, are class S. Next time, you may want to put that into consideration when Kido wants to get rid of my team." Takumi Rindo


"Guess we have no choice. Let's bail for now. But now this Yuma, we WILL have your Black Trigger" Shuji

"Thanks Reiji" Chika

"Sure I helped you a bit, but it was your skills that did it." Reiji

"And...I guess I have to be thankful once in a while. But don't let it get to your head Yuma, you still owe me a rematch" Kirie

"Fine by me. And it never crossed my mind. For you guys, remind me not to tick you guys off"

*Reiji laughs*


"Reiji smiling?" Torimaru

"That's new" Jun

"What was that?" Reiji

"Nothing" Jun

"So you guys think I'm too strict?"

"Well, I like it when your smiling" said Chika with a ^^

*Jordan laughs*

"Not you too bro" Reiji

"Relax dude, we're on your side" Jordan

Shuji and team tried their hand once again to obtain Yuma's Black Trigger. Unfortunately, they were faced with the full might of the integrated team of NCIS Stryer's Trigger team.    
Kid Flash, former teammate of Robin's gang until the show got axed. Now works as a NCIS Stryker agent alongside Robin, under Commander Joshua Levin. Nobody thought that he would survive, that is... until Robin pulled him at the last second. Was his ability to run at mach speed gone for good? No one knows.

Wally's POV
It all seems strange to me. First thing I know that I was fighting alongside Robin. Then outta the blue, here comes a young person. And to use Phoenix Down on me? Though, one thing's for sure, whoever she is, I owe them a big thanks.

You may ask yourselves, "Why NCIS?" Well, ever since Young Justice got over. I had no where to go, and I got word from my friend Robin that there were these group of young to the adult fighters that work at NCIS Stryker. A base that recently has integrated with Border.

Unfortunately for the rest of my Flash buddies, I won't be able to work with them. Yeah, it was sad saying goodbye. They were like my brothers. Seeing who can outrun each other. It was hilarious.

My new comrades, they call me Wally or Agent West. My new boss, Commander Joshua, is unlike your typical Commander.

Unbeknownst to Barry. I had to get out, as Eddie didn't want anything to do with us. Viewing us as a menace to society. No matter what we did, it still didn't seem enough. Fortunately, Reiji was there right in time to grab me.

"So, there's two of you?" He said with an evil look

You can bet what happened at the end. I wanted to stay, but Barry insisted that there was another team. "They can use your help" he said. And so, this' how I ended up with the NCIS Stryker team.

So it was up to Barry to take down his former friend, turned enemy. Eddie Thawne had set his eyes on Barry for quite some time, wanting to take him down. Iris thought she had done the right thing, in siding with Eddie. That is until she saw what Eddie has done. Overal having Barry now protecting Iris and her dad from Eddie.

"I was foolish to have listened to you. I should have listened to Barry".

"Fine, I don't need you guys. If there's one person that will take you down. It will be me"

"Not this time. I heard what you did to Barry, and to my daughter. What were you thinking?" Iris's father

Eddie tried using force in apprehending Barry. But in the end, it failed. Muchless doing it in front of Iris.  


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What's up Zeta here :). I haven't updated my profile in a while. Due to me writing fics and chatting on the PlayStation FB pages.

That will change though.
After that short game of Knack; I'll be heading to Second Son :). PS4's first triple-A title of 2014. Should be an interesting ride with Delsin Rowe now at the helm of the new adventure.

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