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While the trainers are rumbling with Yuma, Osamu and Chika. Daichi and gang wonder what the big shake is. "W-what's that?" questioned Ryunosuke

"G-get off of me" said Daichi as he was trying to get Ryunosuke off from grabbing his right leg

"Look, we're just as concerned as you" Shoyo

"Yeah, there's no need to grab our captain."

Then they feel another shake

"Now I'm starting to get scared" Azumane

"Well, there's 5 fighters currently in the training room. So it can get intense. Especially considering who's entered this time" Wally

Meanwhile in the training room...

"Stop, battle over" Yuichi

"Good job guys." Jordan

"Could say the same for you. Almost had us beat" Yuma

"Well, this' thanks to you training Chika remember?" Osamu

"There that, though don't take it personal Chika. I just want you to know what your doing" Reiji

"Thanks, but I got it now."

"S-so beautiful" Yuma as tears falling down

"Yuma crying?" Osamu

"It's just that, I see you as brother and sister within Border"

"You really think so?" Chika

"Considering that he cares for you as if you were his very own. Me though, I never seen you in a long time." Jordan

"Same here. Border's nice, but it'd also be nice to have a home to return to" Reiji

"Aint that the truth" Osamu

Outside of the Training room

"They're taking long. What's the hold up?" said Daichi

"He hasn't seen his brother in a long time, so they're having an alone time. With Ben (watching the fight), Reiji, Yuma, Osamu and Chika" Rowena

"You may not know this, but they're the original fighters. Jordan, he introduced them to their mom and dad. And ever since they've been like a family. Reiji, he was the original Kevin Levin before the series began." Wally

"I see, I never knew. That was insensitive of me" Daichi

"It's okay. Just be careful what you say next time" Wally

"Wow, captain getting scolded?" Sugawara

"Now I've seen everything" Azumane

"Hey guys, it was bad enough. There's no need to rub it in" Shoyo

So the 5 fighters, one by one, exit the training room.

"Speaking of Jordan" Rowena Jones

"Hey guys" Jordan

"Wow, they've changed" Sugawara

"They're all towering us" Ryunosuke


Yuma: 189cm
Chika: 187cm
Jordan & Reiji: 194cm (6'4")


"Y-yeah, they're hulking giants" Nishinoya

"So, did we pass?" questioned Yuma

"You did, you dropped our HP to 1." Reiji

"Wow, you guys must be really hard" Azumane

"Well, we've been through the training session. And yes they're just that hard." Daichi

"Seems with this, three has gained a new ability. Which they shout; "TRIGGER ON" in that they would transform into their battle uniform. Along with Jordan and Reiji's own Trigger On" Rowena Jones
Prior to the kids heading to the training room.

"Wanna see my Trigger On?"

"Sure thing"


Jordan's Trigger On form dons a white tanktop, army camouflage pants and black boots. For the head wear, he wears a bandanna with the American flag

"Nice dude. Yeah, you definitely look like me" Kevin (Reiji)


Reiji also transforms into his battle uniform too



HP of both fighters

Standing at their new height; 193 (6'3) is Jordan and Reiji, the trainers who will train would be Border/NCIS: Stryker agents


Yuma, along with Osamu wander around the weightroom.

"So, what do you think?" Jordan

"It's just as big as Border." Yuma

"Ready to do this dude" Reiji

"Thought you'd never ask" Jordan as he cracked his knuckles

The door opens and Osamu, Yuma head through. Just as the two trainers enter, the background transforms into Zestiria's open field.  

"Oh, just so you know, Chika will be joining you guys."

"So it's 3 v 2?" Yuma

"Yeah, so to be fair. But that doesn't mean we'll go easy on you" Reiji

"Of course, otherwise it'd be boring" Osamu

NCIS Stryker's training room, used for exercising and simulated combat. Whether it's in JRPG, NCIS you name it

"But why the heightened level?" questioned Osamu

"Think about it Osamu. The battles in World Trigger, plus the dangers in real world situations." Yuma

"Oh, and that "Let Border handle it" won't work here yo. If your not into it, we'd nonetheless expose you and my partner here would be all over you like a virus." Jordan

"That's right, and sides isn't this what you wanted? To be strong, to protect those? If it isn't, then I dunno what your motive is for joining with us in the first place." Reiji

"It's what I've been telling Osamu, but he refuses to listen to me" Yuma

"Just that I don't want you to get involved" Osamu

"Look Osamu, everybody has someone they want to protect. Why do you think that they train hard? And besides, aren't we already involved? So it's kinda late in saying that." Yuma

"Dude's right, and you call yourself a Border agent? Like my bro said, the reason why the level is really high is so that it reflects real life situations. Like how would you react if situations like the one in NCIS, or in our world were to arise?" Reiji (Kevin)

"Well, while I hate to admit it, you guys have a point."

"I could've told you that" Yuma

"You could have, but he needed to hear it from us thouh" Reiji

"Yeah, we've been in more harsh situations." Jordan  

And thus the battle ensues, The older senpai's were really hard. Even in their "Trigger On" state.
Last time we found the kids chatting in NCIS: Stryker's lunchroom. They were shocked to know that Kizaki in this version of NCIS Stryker/WT's Border was in fact Kevin -Ethan- Levin. Working under Reiji Kizaki.

Kevin (Reiji) is actually Jordan's twin. You can see that Jordan looks like Reiji. Rightfully so, he is in fact American.

While Reiji went to Border, he had another young person to temporarily take his place as Agent Kevin Levin of NCIS: Stryker.


"Sorry guys"

"It's okay, I was just surprised" Osamu

"So, after this story. You guys will be returning here?" Jordan

"Yeah, taking up as the new Agent Kevin" Reiji


"heh, I knew you'd say that" Reiji as he and Jordan pounded fists in a hammer motion

"How's Border life son?" said Commander Joshua  

"It's going well dad." Reiji

"Pshh yeah right dude. I can see right pass ya" Yuma

"Ya got me. Truth is there's some tough people within Border. So we have to restrain them."

"Like with the Miwa gang I take it?" Deeks

"No doubt, they won't acknowledge that Neighbor isn't all bad. Their mind set is that they must exterminate all Neighbor. Creatures or in this case a human/Neighbor hybrid that come from another dimension" Kevin (Reiji)

"Seems tough" Wally

*laughs* "You dunno the half of it" Osamu

"Well, with this one. Unlike NCIS: LA and NCIS and you guys at Border. People here are constantly on the move attacking citizens. While even though police do their job, they'd get outnumbered at times. This' where we would come in as the new NCIS: Stryker team that they would call on us to apprehend would-be criminals. Interrogate them etc... like how a NCIS mission would go" said Wally

"Seems you guys have your own work cut out for you" Kevin (Reiji)

"Well, thanks to 1k+ previously recruited characters, and you guys. That is...If your up for it." Ashton Baker

"But before that, it seems that through this. Jordan and Reiji will train you in the new Simulation Combat room. You know, so you'd be fit for the task." Rowena

The kids were interested how the base worked. So Jordan, Ashton, Wally West, Rowena explained to them. Prior to the start of the World Trigger series, Reiji had his own training. Which he was Jordan's training parter in the Y facility. Through this Both young fighters grew to 192cm (6'2")

The Training room is how every upcoming trainee would work with the NCIS: Stryker team and now with Border.
NCIS: Stryker - A Safe Haven
The crew of World Trigger try their hand at NCIS. Which Jordan and Reiji train them. In this version Jordan and Reiji are of rank S, the most toughest fighters.
It's the 4th day since the big facility has been built. Thanks to the help of Grandpa Max and his team of builders.

To date Ben's team has also acquired several recruits for working with NCIS, the count was up to 1k+ fighters. Though, they weren't gonna get of scott free. The trainers...they were former high school seniors. Jordan & Kevin. The trainees? Fighters that started going to NCIS. Think of it like a NCIS base mixed with Border. Thus you get NCIS: Stryker.

In this version of Border, the two trainers; Jordan and the new Kevin Levin (Reiji Kizaki) are of rank S. Anyone that's unprepared will surely get game over. And this' how the trainers get enlisted.

It's a tough process sure. As Jordan, Ben, Kevin and Gwen had to go through it in order to become NCIS Stryker agents.

To make matters tricky, the trainees would be facing the Levin brothers. Nicknamed; Bash Brothers.


It's 3 pm. Yuma, Reiji, Osamu and Chika check out the new base. "Wow, this place's huge." exclaimed Chika

"No kidding, it's twice as big as our organization." Reiji

The kids were surprised to see that the base was as big as Border. "Welcome, I'm Agent Jordan. Can I help you guys?" said Jordan

"Sure, mind showing us around?" Yuma

"No prob. Where do you wanna start?" Jordan

"Is it me or am I seeing twins?" questioned Osamu

"Yeah, he does look like me. Wait, could you be?" Reiji

"Excuse me?" Jordan

"Oh, he wants to know if you could be his-" Yuma as he paused

"That's true, let's ask."

"Y-you sure?" Reiji

*laughs* "C'mon dude, they won't bite. And my dad, he's quite the class clown of a boss." Jordan

*laughs* "I heard that son" Joshua  

For the new kids that entered, they came from World Trigger. Viz's latest manga. The characters in question; Yuma, Osamu, Reiji & Chika. They were invited by the Commander of the base.

"Welcome, I'm Commander Joshua, father to Jordan and Evalyn's husband. I heard you would like to ask me somethin'." Joshua Levin

"Well, my friend here wants to know if he's Jordan's brother."

"Good question, let's find out. Hey Ashton, can you come here?" Joshua

"Yes boss, I'm on it." said Ashton

Ashton uses his Windows Surface pro and surprisingly it comes up.

"You would be Kevin -E- Levin"

"M-me?" shocked Reiji Kizaki

"Seems I wasn't just seeing things. Jordan looks like Reiji" Osamu

"Well, to be honest. You lived with us back when we were in Los Angeles. And just recently you were called to work at Border" Joshua Levin

"So ever since that you've been away?" Yuma

"Seems like it." Reiji

"Though I gotta say you both must have been working out." Osamu

"There's that. After work, I would hit the amenities weightroom." Jordan

"Also in Border they had this weightroom that I'd check out." Reiji (Kevin).

"So, do you miss us dude? Jordan

"Yeah, you bet. I never knew that I had a brother. Til' now." Reiji (Kevin)

This version of Reiji Kizaki is actually Kevin Levin and is a Japanese-American that was born in Los Angeles. The gang were indeed surprised. For Kevin, he's been working in Border as Reiji Kizaki, along with the rest of the other young kids.

After this, the rest of the recruited characters just fell into place. Which Commander Joshua sent Ben and his team to recruit.  

How NCIS Stryker Came to Be Pt. 4 - New Recruits
Story on how the big western Washington NCIS facility came to be. 
Jordan's POV
It's your friendly anime OC fighter yo :). Here, I'm here to tell you the continuation of how the NCIS Stryker of western Washington came to be.

To put things in proper perspective, I'd like to take you back to where it all began. It was the year 2009, Grandpa Max and his team of builders had the ground work done for what would be the biggest NCIS complex. Complete with exercise amenities, sports, basketball etc...

This' where I also met Daichi, Shoyo; my two battle partners for the first time.


It's now the 3rd day of the construction of the big NCIS: Stryker building. This' before my brother; Kevin came into the picture. This battle took place in an alternate space, known as the Null Void.

In this version, it was the setting for Jordan, Daichi and Shoyo's battlefield; Hollow Bastion's Grand Hall and throne room. You can bet that he was a feisty one. My leader; Ben and the rest of our team had a rough time handling with him and the kids that turned against us.

This time, it was so to prevent this gov't by stealing Ben's Omnitrix. And thanks to my nephew; Deeks, he fixed the Omnitrix. Unfortunately, since it was damaged in the fight against the first fight against Ultimate Kevin, he would only be able to transform into Fourarms, a 6'3" fighter alien, and Rath.

This' was the darkest part in my team. Daichi, Shoyo were nowhere to be found, either. As with Wally West, one of Jordan's old time buddies from highschool.

My mom; Evalyn, muchless dad; C. Joshua Levin thought that the whole team weren't gonna survive.

"Your not like this Kevin" Gwen, as she was in tears. "Remember the times we had, me you, Ben and Jordan.

"I'm sorry Gwen, but this thing's got a hold of me" Kevin "Fight it dude" Jordan as Rook had Jordan's right arm around Rook

Battered and bruised, I was barely hanging on. With Kevin's onslaught

"Jordan...!" Deeks

"We sure could use Cooper's help" said Deeks

"Thanks to Eric for alerting me to the Null Void. Came as soon as I heard what happened to Kevin." Cooper

Cooper Daniels
Age: 27
Ht: 6'1"
Build - Buff

- Tech and gadgets

Jordan's POV
For those that don't know, this was the same Ultimate Kevin that our team was fighting back in Ultimate Alien. My best bud, and and brother along with Gwen's boyfriend. We weren't gonna hear the end of it.

He suddenly dawned the Ultimate Kevin suit once again. Fortunately though, Cooper was not a minute to late. So my team pinned him to the machine contraption. He wasn't gonna go quietly that's for sure. The damage wasn't as big as when he transformed into Ultimate Kevin back in Ultimate Alien.

Sure, it hurt Kevin when Cooper put him through the machine again. But it was worth it.

"Think you need to set things straight with your brother Kevin and your family" said Gwen

"Yeah, they were hurt the most" Kensi

"Your right"

The scene switches back to Kingdom Heart's Grand Hall, outside Jordan's battle room.

"Hey bro. Can we talk?"

"Sure thing.

The two sit on the steps of the throne room, which is the entrance to Jordan, Daichi and Shoyo's battlefield boss room.

"To be honest Jordan, a group of punks and that freak wanted me to do it. I had no choice, it was either this or have you guys killed."

"So you had no control over it?"

"No, you can hate me for doing it. For almost doing you guys in like that" Kevin

"No way! Like Chris, your also the best brother I can ever have. You also have Gwen too." Jordan

"That's true. Plus, I didn't want you guys to get involved. This was my fight." Kevin

"Well, that's why where there for you. Even though you may go and do something crazy. We still care for you. Heck even Gwen and I couldn't just stand by and see you fight alone."

"Believe me dude, it wasn't my intention to hurt you guys. It was that guy, if anything, he should be at fault."

"Wow, he really does care." Ben

"Ya think? It hit us really hard especially with that mysterious love letter note." Gwen

Jordan's POV
It was an emotional time with the gang. Especially it hit home with the Levins and his girlfriend Gwen. They didn't know if he would survive.  

Make matters worse, they even forced my dad to take down the base. But those that were for us disagreed and wanted the base to be completed. "Don't stop, keep going" said a teen.
"Yeah, your not gonna let a mere group stop you right?" said a young adult

And so... by 2010, the base was up and running. Which included several amenities for exercising and sports to outdoor bbq, NCIS-related missions you name it.

It was through this event that my brother got accepted as Special Agent Kevin. Him, along with Ben, Gwen and Wally are my partners.


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That will change though.
After that short game of Knack; I'll be heading to Second Son :). PS4's first triple-A title of 2014. Should be an interesting ride with Delsin Rowe now at the helm of the new adventure.

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