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Jordan's POV
It's your friendly anime OC fighter yo :). Here, I'm here to tell you the continuation of how the NCIS Stryker of western Washington came to be.

To put things in proper perspective, I'd like to take you back to where it all began. It was the year 2009, Grandpa Max and his team of builders had the ground work done for what would be the biggest NCIS complex. Complete with exercise amenities, sports, basketball etc...

This' where I also met Daichi, Shoyo; my two battle partners for the first time.


It's now the 3rd day of the construction of the big NCIS: Stryker building. This' before my brother; Kevin came into the picture. This battle took place in an alternate space, known as the Null Void.

In this version, it was the setting for Jordan, Daichi and Shoyo's battlefield; Hollow Bastion's Grand Hall and throne room. You can bet that he was a feisty one. My leader; Ben and the rest of our team had a rough time handling with him and the kids that turned against us.

This time, it was so to prevent this gov't by stealing Ben's Omnitrix. And thanks to my nephew; Deeks, he fixed the Omnitrix. Unfortunately, since it was damaged in the fight against the first fight against Ultimate Kevin, he would only be able to transform into Fourarms, a 6'3" fighter alien, and Rath.

This' was the darkest part in my team. Daichi, Shoyo were nowhere to be found, either. As with Wally West, one of Jordan's old time buddies from highschool.

My mom; Evalyn, muchless dad; C. Joshua Levin thought that the whole team weren't gonna survive.

"Your not like this Kevin" Gwen, as she was in tears. "Remember the times we had, me you, Ben and Jordan.

"I'm sorry Gwen, but this thing's got a hold of me" Kevin "Fight it dude" Jordan as Rook had Jordan's right arm around Rook

Battered and bruised, I was barely hanging on. With Kevin's onslaught

"Jordan...!" Deeks

"We sure could use Cooper's help" said Deeks

"Thanks to Eric for alerting me to the Null Void. Came as soon as I heard what happened to Kevin." Cooper

Cooper Daniels
Age: 27
Ht: 6'1"
Build - Buff

- Tech and gadgets

Jordan's POV
For those that don't know, this was the same Ultimate Kevin that our team was fighting back in Ultimate Alien. My best bud, and and brother along with Gwen's boyfriend. We weren't gonna hear the end of it.

He suddenly dawned the Ultimate Kevin suit once again. Fortunately though, Cooper was not a minute to late. So my team pinned him to the machine contraption. He wasn't gonna go quietly that's for sure. The damage wasn't as big as when he transformed into Ultimate Kevin back in Ultimate Alien.

Sure, it hurt Kevin when Cooper put him through the machine again. But it was worth it.

"Think you need to set things straight with your brother Kevin and your family" said Gwen

"Yeah, they were hurt the most" Kensi

"Your right"

The scene switches back to Kingdom Heart's Grand Hall, outside Jordan's battle room.

"Hey bro. Can we talk?"

"Sure thing.

The two sit on the steps of the throne room, which is the entrance to Jordan, Daichi and Shoyo's battlefield boss room.

"To be honest Jordan, a group of punks and that freak wanted me to do it. I had no choice, it was either this or have you guys killed."

"So you had no control over it?"

"No, you can hate me for doing it. For almost doing you guys in like that" Kevin

"No way! Like Chris, your also the best brother I can ever have. You also have Gwen too." Jordan

"That's true. Plus, I didn't want you guys to get involved. This was my fight." Kevin

"Well, that's why where there for you. Even though you may go and do something crazy. We still care for you. Heck even Gwen and I couldn't just stand by and see you fight alone."

"Believe me dude, it wasn't my intention to hurt you guys. It was that guy, if anything, he should be at fault."

"Wow, he really does care." Ben

"Ya think? It hit us really hard especially with that mysterious love letter note." Gwen

Jordan's POV
It was an emotional time with the gang. Especially it hit home with the Levins and his girlfriend Gwen. They didn't know if he would survive.  

Make matters worse, they even forced my dad to take down the base. But those that were for us disagreed and wanted the base to be completed. "Don't stop, keep going" said a teen.
"Yeah, your not gonna let a mere group stop you right?" said a young adult

And so... by 2010, the base was up and running. Which included several amenities for exercising and sports to outdoor bbq, NCIS-related missions you name it.

It was through this event that my brother got accepted as Special Agent Kevin. Him, along with Ben, Gwen and Wally are my partners.
C. Joshua's POV

Grandpa Max's team finished the B1, F1, F2 & F3 tier's of the base, they now move on to build the gym portion. The building that will be situated to the right of base.

This sports complex will house the Haikyu!! and Kuroko's Basketball-themed courts. For the courtyard that's situated at the back of the base... it will house tennis courts and a bbq patio cooking & eating area. "Wow, you guys thought of everything" Rightfully so, we wanted it to be a fully functional NCIS base. For missions and just chilling out.

Continuing on... the 900+ rooms; Jordan helped his nephew decorate the themed rooms. One would be based on One Piece, the other would be on NCIS etc... Jordan's nephew and the NCIS crew was a huge help. They also took a break in order to build the big facility. Yeah, they were carpenters as well.

Me? I'm like the Hetty/Gibbs of the base, though I'm more laid back. When missions arise it's all seriousness. Before all this though, I was like your typical dude roaming the streets. It was thanks to Grandpa Max who asked me to take Kevin's late dad's place. So... I gladly accepted. As my dad and son was a soldier in the U.S Air Force and Army. I couldn't just say no.

And this' how I became the Levin's new father and husband to Evalyn Levin, my wife. She'd teach Sunday School and became the nurse of the base. Using her expertise as nurse with her former job. We all get paid sure, like $21.47 per/h (47k+). Though, it's not about the money. It's so that we give back to the community.

There wasn't a day where everybody wasn't productive. You'd see all of the recruits do something. Whether it'd be going to the weightroom to exercise, shooting hoops, doing simulated combat in the training room or undergoing missions.

Kevin, he was a stubborn one, he wasn't willing to accept working with my team. So my other son; Jordan, his nephew; Deeks, and the rest of the recruits had to pound some sense into him. You can guess that he returned to his old ways. More on this...

As for his girlfriend; Gwen, she was a sophmore in the UW Bothell. You can bet that she was none too happy.

To date, we have 820+ recruits, known as Special Agents.
Before the base was built, Deeks visited western Washington with his wife; Kensi. They were taking a break from shooting episodes in Los Angeles.

"What're you building here sir?" Deeks asked Grandpa Max

"Oh, hi there Deeks. My team of builders is helping Jordan's dad build the NCIS base. This will be western Washington's base situated in Puget Sound/Snohomish County.

"Welcome, I'm commander Joshua." Joshua as he shook Deeks' right hand.

"What brought this about that you guys wanted to build a base in Washington?" Deeks

"Well, it's my team's idea. See they wanted to have a multi-purpose facility that would have it's own meeting place, OSP center, interrogation room, gym etc..." Commander Joshua

"Lemme guess, my uncle; Jordan, your son put you up to this" joked Deeks

*laughs* "On the contrary. I also thought it would be a great idea too." Commander Joshua

Commander Joshua's POV
Deeks and Kensi were chatting away with yours truly, the boss of the base; Commander Joshua. It would soon be a multi-purpose facility. Unlike the NCIS offices of the past. This version of NCIS would be fully technical.

Having a 4k LED touch screen in the OSP tech center and 4k TV's in the sleeping quarters, and entertainment floor. Then we'd have the gym, weight room and a simulation room. It wold simulate battles of Tales of RPG, Final Fantasy and NCIS-type battles.

For the rooms, it would go up to 900+. For the meeting and work place, it would be the 2F lunchroom area. My son; Kevin, he also wanted to have a tunnel that would connect to each of the bases and cities. So I agreed, we'd call it the Space Bridge.

To be honest, it was also due to my other son; Christopher, who was a former soldier in the U.S army.

"I see, so that makes sense." Deeks

"Yeah, he was this city's hometown hero" Grandpa Max

Anyways, as for the political stances? Well, we're neither Democrat, Republican or Liberal. We figured that these people at any given time can backstab normal citizens to cave in to their twisted agenda. How do I know this? My sons witnessed first hand during their school years, or when they were just walking about and chilling in said malls like; Everett Mall & Northgate.

The only safest place was at Lynnwood's Alderwood mall, and Tukwila's Westfield Southcenter.


And this... is how the base began.

"About Chris?"

"Remember what he told us Deeks? He was a former soldier. Something that this gov't is seriously lacking, true leadership."

"That's true."

"He works alongside his two brothers; Jordan and Kevin, along with the rest of the recruited team." Grandpa Max

Then a familiar OC steps in

"Speaking of my son; Jordan." Joshua


"Dang he's tall" Deeks surprised

"Hey guys, when did you get here?" Said Jordan as he was wiping sweat with a mini Y towel around his neck

"Just got here the other day" Kensi

"These your friends Jordan?" Kevin

"Yeah. Guys, I'd like you to meet my brother; Kevin" Jordan

"Pleasure to meet you." Kensi

"Same. I also heard that you came to visit neph." Kevin

"Yeah, we decided to take a break from episode shooting." Kensi

"But seriously, you should know him bro." Jordan

"Heh, don't tell me you forgot already" joked Deeks

"That's right, you guys would frequent the Y facility too." Kevin

Thus, the new base was erected in 2009 with Commander Joshua as the new leader. Tall, buff, down to earth guy, with his wife; Evalyn and three sons and Special Agents; Jordan, Kevin and Christopher.

Commander Joshua Levin
Age: 40
Ht: 176cm

Evalyn Levin
Age: 39
Ht: 168cm

Levin brothers, sons of Mr & Mrs Levin

Jordan -Kendall- Levin
Age: 27
Ht: 193cm

Kevin -Ethan- Levin
Age: 27
Ht: 193

Christopher -Jacob- Levin
Age: 29
Ht: 192cm

Nephew: Marty -Anthony- Levin
Age: 27
Ht: 190cm

Marty's wife; Kensi Levin (former last. Blye)
Age: 25
Ht: 180cm

<by>Stryker fighters</b>

Wally West
Queen - Type-0
Eric - Jordan's buddy from school (NORA: Bajee)
Michio - FAFNER

*note... this' just some of the fighters that were recruited from 2010 to 2014 ;).

This is a final mix, a what goes on while the flashback plays through.

Law's POV
As you guys can see, I was pretty much a jerk. That is until my family and Corazon came into my life. Yeah, I was about to loose it. Thinking that life didn't matter. And it's also thanks to Luffy, his team and my Hearts team. Without them, I wouldn't know what I'd do.

Heh, knowing him. He insisted, so I had no choice but to tell him. Life for me at 10 years old... was a living nightmare.



5 pm. NCIS Stryker base, while Commander Joshua and his team were on a mission... he requested his son; Jordan, to stay behind.

Luffy, Jordan and Law chill in the Thousand Sunny room of the base. The room which Jordan and Kevin designed.    

"Mind keeping a secret guys? It'll just be between u, Kevin, your family and you Luffy?" Law

"Sure Law. Anything the matter?" Jordan

"Well, I wasn't gonna share this with u guys at first. Luffy here insisted that I do

So Law tells them. In the midst of his conversation, tears started to fall down. This was an emotional time for him, due to life for him as a 10 years old.

"Though, for the D part?"

"Yeah, me and my sister; Lami also carry it too. It's thanks to my family that kept me sane. If it weren't for them, muchless Corazon, I wouldn't know what I'd do." Law

"For me, it wasn't as harsh. You know Shanks right? Well, he was like my adopted father. He's the only one that took care of me, despite what he did. This hat, i promised to him that one day I'd promise him that I'd become the king of pirates." Luffy

"I thought the same too." Law

"Small world eh? With me, I had a similar situation to you Law. It was with my brother. You know him as Kevin. During the first run of Ben 10, he'd frame Ben for the things he didn't do. Yet, he reformed back in Alien Force. However, it wasn't without that he wouldn't go quietly. So he would fight Ben. When we went to Ultimate Alien, it was almost like the original Ben 10... which he went insane.

It was so that he didn't want Aggregor to have Ben's power." Jordan

"Oh that. Yeah, I saw that you guys had a pretty hard time." Law

"Heh, yeah. So my friend; Cooper had to restraint him, painful as it was. In the end, he returned to normal"

"Wow, all of us had a bad past?" Luffy


"Still, it was thanks to you Law. If you were not there, I would've died"

"That's true. I admit that I was a jerk that time too."
6 pm. Daichi hangs up his jersey for one last time and gives it to another would-be captain in volleyball and puts on his black tank-top and army camouflage Nike sweats Jordan gave him. He reads his text, which is as follows...

Hey, this' your buddy; Jordan, thought we would hang out at the base. Now before you say anything, it was my dad that invited you guys.

He agreed, so he took his bike to the base. Along the way, he picked up Sho. "What happen to the rest?" he questioned. "Unfortunately some couldn't make it. Their job got relocated to different states.

What, don't tell me you don't want to spend the day with me; your Captain?" joked Daichi  

"That ain't it, of course I'd want to." Sho

"That's what I thought."

Meanwhile at the base...

Jordan also hits the weight room, lifting 50+ barbells. "Heh, going at it I see" said Callen

"Yeah, otherwise it wouldn't be cool if they beated me really easy in the training room" Jordan as he put on his fingerless gloves

Jordan -Kendall- Levin... Benches 140, lifts 50+ on the dumbells. Is a trainer in the simulation room, his allies are Sawamura Daichi and Shoyo of Haikyu!!.

"So, overall I'd say you rose to 193cm" Wally

"Thanks to to u guys sparring with me"

"I hear that their game ended." Wally

"Yeah, it was a hard game." Kevin

"You saw the whole thing?" questioned Ben

"Where were you? Tried to call and text you." Jordan

"Yeah dude. Even my bro's friends wanted to see you. No it isn't just about your accolades that you beat down such an such an alien or anything like that" Kevin

"Oh that, he was called on a mission"

"Sorry dude"

Time now is 9 pm... Only two kids of Karasuno arrive at the base. The base has been quite productive as of late. With several Agents going at it and having various missions.

Jordan was about to head to bed, that is until he saw two of the Karasuno players in his room. "Hey" said Sho

"How's it going?" Jordan

"Good, and you?" Daichi

"Gotta say that was one heckuva game. Pulling a narrow victory" Jordan

"Yeah I agree. Though, it was thanks to Kei. He kinda stalled the game by giving his two cents and attacking me and Kageyama" Sho

"It wasn't your fault. He just got a hot temper and wanted to take his anger out on anybody".

"So the game went into overtime" Jordan

"Yep, was practically banned from playing with us in future games. After that, he started to mock Sho and go behind his back with that "look"." Daichi

"Fortunately, the game was settled and he was benched throughout the remainder of the game."

"lol I remember you shouting to him "You'd better sit down". Azumane, Sugawara Captain here got a laugh." Sho

"Oh yeah. Though the audience also didn't like Kei. They also booed when he attacked you" Daichi

"What's his deal? He kept mocking you throughout the series". Jordan

"He's had his reasons. Probably something may have happened in the past that triggered this attitude of his" Daichi

"But it's getting late now" Sho

"Dude's right, we can talk about it in the morning"   

"Yeah, and thanks for letting us stay over" Daichi

"My pleasure, you guys had quite a day right?" Mrs. Levin



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United States
What's up Zeta here :). I haven't updated my profile in a while. Due to me writing fics and chatting on the PlayStation FB pages.

That will change though.
After that short game of Knack; I'll be heading to Second Son :). PS4's first triple-A title of 2014. Should be an interesting ride with Delsin Rowe now at the helm of the new adventure.

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