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Commander Joshua
It's the Levin's father here. I know, I haven't been on that much. Just that I was preparing my family's Thanksgiving dinner. Now, here's what happened while we had our dinner.

In L.A, the gang were having their dinner which they were celebrating at the base. It was a cold night like in Washington. "So, who were they?" questioned Callen

"They're my friends. Reiji, Yuma, Osamu and Chika now aiding the main Stryker branch. Reiji being Jordan's twin brother."

"Wait, they're twins? That's new"

"Well, you never bothered to ask. It's as you said, they were both born July 4." Nell


"Yep, you guys weren't part the main team at the time. Those two were born here, they would have missions with me and Eric before you guys came into the picture." Nell

"Interesting. And I gotta say that this turkey's good. Who managed to do this?" Sam

"That would be me. Nell helped me, along with Getz. Deeks here bought the turkey" Eric

"You did Deeks?"

"Well, couldn't just sit and not do anything."

"That's true. I heard Commander Joshua invited you guys"

"Well, we turned him down"

"Why? Don't you guys have these get together's?" Hetty

"I know, it's just that we want to spend it with you guys" Deeks

"Ain't that nice of you" Eric

"Unfortunately, after dinner they'd practice for the Christmas Contata. The concert that they would hold every year in their Bandai Namco auditorium. Daichi was one of the singers, as was Jordan, Gwen and Reiji" Nell

The gang was having a great Thanksgiving dinner. Unbenownst to them, they'd practice for their December concert. Last year, it was held at Seattle's Space Needle area.

Shigeki and his team made their way up to floor 52. The defensive tower, used for anybody who betrayed their friend.

"So, Kunugi came up to us. Telling us what happened. What were you thinking?" Reiji

"I had to do it. To challenge you Sho and your team"

"But why? We wanted you as part of our team" Sho

"Don't bother Sho, he's not coming back. You heard him. He betrayed us for the other team"

"Ouch, don't you think that's a little harsh?"

"Well, unfortunately we viewed a video of you and Naoki and the rest of the team gossip behind Sho's back."


*The training room changes to Jordan's high school gym. Cascade H.S*

"Bro, he has a high fever" Jordan

"K, we'd better rush him to the infirmary" Reiji

So as the brothers exit the Training Room, they rush Sho to the infirmary. With Reiji carrying Sho. Kunugi and Fuwa become Shigeki's bosses to fight.

"Unbelievable. Seems that going to their side did more harm to us than good" Fuwa

"Was that it? To disrespect us? If it is, you did a heckuva good job" Kunugi

"I admit it. It was to challenge you guys. But I didn't know that it would get Sho sick."

"Well, thanks to your team. Giving him a high fever. I dunno if he'll last. Kunugi, did you text Seiji?"

"Yeah, he should be on his way. As for you, it's a shame that it has to end like this." Kunugi as he disappeared and knocked Shigeki into the air, followed by Fuwa with a 3 hit combo.

"Guys, please. I had to do what I had to do"

"Really? Could've fooled us. You were even Sho's best friend. Wasn't it you that protected him from upperclassmen?" Fuwa

"Yes, if it weren't for them, I would've joined you guys. Sho must hate me. For the trouble I've caused"

"Well, u did let us down. More so him. He couldn't take that backlash video that Naoki went behind our teams back and dissed him."

Meanwhile in the infirmary...

"Hey, he's waking up" Jordan

"How's it going?"

"Fine. Can I see Shigeki?"

"Sure thing. After all, he owes you one" Reiji

As Jordan gets Shigeki from the weight room's Training Room, the battle comes to a halt and reverts to an empty room

*Shigeki arrives*

"Hey dude. How're you feeling?"


"Listen Sho, I know what I did. It was wrong of me. Naoki wanted me to join their team. I no choice"

"I'm not mad. I mean sure, my team was disappointed in all. But hey, your my best friend."

"Even with the things I did to you guys?"

"I admit it was foolish. But I could never be mad forever"

"Heh, that's just like you. You'd even try to get me back. Even though I did those things to you" Shigeki

"I care dude. To me, your like my other brother. You'd hang out with me when my brother was at work."

"Yeah, I remember."


"Wanna take that?"


*Shigeki takes the call and it's Naoki*

"So, how's Sho"

"Fine, seems you did more harm to him than good. And you know what? I quit, I belong to this team."

*on the other line*

"Fine, you know what? Screw you, we could've had the easy life. With just you and me." Naoki

"Easy life? Does that mean injuring my bud in the process? Thanks to you, he got a high fever."

"I know it was fun"

*Shigeki presses "End" on his smartphone

On the other line

"Jerk, who needs you anyways. I'll just go to somebody else"

"You'll do no such thing"


"Your under arrest. You realize what you could've done to one of the players on the other team?"

And like that Naoki was arrested for the things he put Shigeki through. It was a tough day. Shigeki wanted to only challenge his team. But Naoki had other plans. Which unfortunately made Sho sick and with a high fever.
Several days ago...

Just as Reiji and team was being introduced to NCIS Stryker. Trouble was brewing in a different place.

North America, western Washington.

Time: 8:50 pm

"What a narrow victory."

"Yeah, against our former friend. *tch* Can't believe what he did."

Flashback...July 24, 4th quarter. Sho's team scores a narrow victory against Shigeki's new team

Weather: Rainy

*on another part of the team*

"Alright. Think we should celebrate. I know we almost won against them. What say you Shigeki" Naoki


"What's the matter? Not thinking of betraying us now are ya?"


*Back to Sho's team

"Well guys, we better get going. Commander Joshua just texted me. Says that they invited us to their Thanksgiving dinner" Fuwa

"Yeah, your right" Sho

*Sho slowly gets up and walks in the other direction towards the bus transit to take them to the airport*

"Sho..." Shige

Sho's team won. But even though they were treated to a nice restaurant, the team turned down the offer, as their spirit was broken. More so on Sho's part. Shigeki was Sho's classmate and buddy. The only person that would visit Sho when his brother was at work. They'd do stuff together, like go to the movies, go camping etc... Now to do this to Sho and his team.

So as the gang gets on the bus, Sho asks to sit in the back. "Dude, he's never coming back" Akira

*pow, Seiji hits Akira*

"Ow, sorry"

"It's hard on him and us, he even viewed him like a big brother. Not to mention that he went to see a movie with me and Sho. That Big Hero 6" Seiji


Time: 10 pm

As Shigeki heads to the sleeping quarters of the NCIS Stryker/Border base, Reiji notices a person head to Sho's room. The soccer themed room.

"Shigeki is it? Do you realize what you've put your team through?" said Reiji

"Yeah, I want to make things right" Shigeki

"We'll talk about this tomorrow. You've got some explaining to do. But for tonight, you can sleep with him." Reiji

Disappointed, Reiji heads back to his room. The World Trigger designed room. Which is next to Jordan's room.

Come the next morning. While Jordan and team have an early mission, involving their leader: Ben, Reiji, Osamu, Yuma...Shigeki makes amends to the team that he betrayed.

Time: 8 am.

"Guys, and Sho. I know you must be really disappointed to know that I lied to you. And that I went to the other side. As to challenge you.

"Shigeki?  You?"

"What's going on?" Shibusawa

"We know what you did dude. Sho, muchless Mizuno was deeply hurt. Not to mention that you lied to them" Seiji

"I know, and there's no excuse for what I did."  

So Shigeki confessed what he did to the team. Sho, who was still asleep due to a harsh game they had.

"Think you also owe him an apology yo" Seiji

"Yeah. How could I forget, he even viewed me like his brother."

"Definitely. And wasn't it you guys that did stuff together too?"

"That's right. To think I was being a jerk"

"Don't beat yourself over it. We know what you did. The least you can do is make amends and confess what you did to him as well" Shibusawa

Shigeki heads to Sho's room

*knock knock*

"Who's there?"

"It's your bud, can we talk?"


"I know, it must be hard on you too. I just want to set things straight with you" Shigeki

"Come on in"

"Just putting this out there, if you want to re-join Sho's team. This will cost you yo" Jordan

"I-It will?"

"Yeah, anybody who defects to the other team to challenge our team will have to pay the consequences. It's a defensive measure our cousin; Kevin put in place" Reiji  

"Now, you see why? Daichi went through this same process. Him and his team almost got a game over." Sho

"But, to be fair. You guys will be as a team."

So Shigeki has a talk with Sho. "Hey bud, miss me?" "Yeah, we missed you." responded Sho. This was an emotional time for Sho. Shigeki visited Sho on numerous occasions, even was invited to be Ko's best man. Sho's brother.


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What's up Zeta here :). I haven't updated my profile in a while. Due to me writing fics and chatting on the PlayStation FB pages.

That will change though.
After that short game of Knack; I'll be heading to Second Son :). PS4's first triple-A title of 2014. Should be an interesting ride with Delsin Rowe now at the helm of the new adventure.

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