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In Jordan's room of the base. "It's not fair." Cried Tita.

Joshua Bright comforted her. "I know how you feel, really. Though, you gotta try to look in Agate's position too. He couldn't bear to see you get hurt. That's why he doesn't want you to get involved. You'd be like a target for even the Ravens. Trust me, we also defended Clem from Ravens. He'd be like your age."

*sniff* "Really?"

"Yeah, and with those loons running around. Making hostages out of citizens." Joshua B.

Hearing this, Tita started to understand why he acted the way he did. "Deep down, he cares for you and the team. He just doesn't know the way to say it." said Estelle

"Heh, you manage to say some worth while speeches once in a while." joked Joshua

Tita laughed. "Hehe, yeah that's like him. Having those type of remarks." she said.

*in the basement*

"Truth is yo, I couldn't find the words to say without hurting her feelings muchless Joshua and Estelle. I know they meant well in all." Agate

"Yeah, I was like in your situation too."

"Small world eh?"

"You can say."

Jordan was talking to Agate, through this... he made a new friend. "She also views you like as if you were her very brother. That's why she'd do anything for you and the team. Like how you protected her by taking the bullet.

"Heh, and here I was acting like a jerk to them. Haha look at you, acting as if you know me" joked Agate

"Well that's what we do here at the base."

"I get that. Guess...the same was for you right? With you and your friend Kevin?" Agate

"Yeah, he was tough. But we managed to also get him to fight alongside us."

Having conversations with the gang of Trails in the Sky, the fighters of the NCIS Stryker base learned a lot. With Jordan talking with Agate in the amenities & weight room floor, and Joshua using Jordan's room in the 2nd floor sleeping quarters.

*back at the amenities floor*

"Anyways, how do you guys train in here?"

"Well, you see that room? Inside that room are several other rooms that trainers train upcoming fighters. My friend; Reiji Kizaki, is the operator and trainer of the base. You want a specific background you'd just put up a request to him. It's like a simulated battle. My dad, he also inserts various battle modes. From Zestiria, Type-0 to Xillia you name it."

"Dang, you guys thought a lot of this"

"Well, it's for missions that we do. Remember NCIS: LA? Well we do the same line of work here." said Jordan

meanwhile in Jordan's room

"So, you're one of the agents on this base?" Tita

"Yeah, name's agent Wally West. Pleasure to meet you guys" said Wally

To date, the base holds 1,500 fighters. 1,500-900 S-class fighters, 700 A-class, 500 B, 100 C. Nurse Evalyn works as the base's nurse. And the rest as follows

Commander Joshua Levin - the main leader

Ben Tennyson
Jordan Levin
Marty Deeks
Kevin Levin
Kensi Blye
Wally West and many others...

Working as a team is hard work, but in the end pays off. With people helping each other and carrying their burdens. NCIS: Stryker became a base to call home. the largest NCIS base out of the three bases to date.

Housing a weight room facility, sports megaplex, training room etc...

Agate thought to himself..."Here's a dude I barely even met, and that him and his friends invited me, Joshua and Estelle. The things I did to him during school, he would still call me his friend?" He said to himself


Even when the Ravens went to attack Tita, Joshua and Estelle. Jordan would defend them. "C'mon Agate, your not thinking of betraying us right? I mean think about it. The years we spent... doesn't that mean anything to you? Who needs them." said Rocco

"Who needs them? WHO FREAKIN' NEEDS THEM? I do yo! My buddies; Jordan, Joshua and Estelle are what kept me in check, along with Tita. You saw Jordan, trying to defend my friend; Tita right? Heck, I dunno if he was able to survive that attack that you guys brought on him."

Seeing this, Agate left the Ravens in favor of becoming a Bracer. People that undertake jobs. The NCIS Stryker base...has become the latest base/Guild for such careers. Having NCIS-related work and The Legend of Heroes work.

Agate and Joshua...he became Jordan's friend and brothers, Tita and Estelle became Jordan's sister. Commander Joshua took Joshua and Estelle Bright, Tita and Agate -- who now goes by his American name -- Anthony Levin.

*back to the present*

Commander Joshua meets the newly recruited team by Ben Tennyson. "Hi guys, name's Commander Joshua. I'm the father to the Levins and the boss of the base. My wife; Evalyn is the nurse of the infirmary section of the base."

"It's a pleasure to meet you sir" Tita

With World Trigger and Trails in the Sky, the base now has 1,7k+ Bracers.


The Legend of Heroes - Helping a Friend
This a crossover between NCIS Stryker and Trails in the Sky.

For those that don't know. One of Joshua's teammates has this unruly behavior that he doesn't accept weak fighters.

This story builds on that.
Shoyo and Daichi wonder around the amenities floor. Jordan comes home from the mall from pre-ordering Type-0 HD. "Hey guys :). Long time no see" said Jordan. Rightfully so, it was several months, since Daichi and Shoyo fought alongside Jordan as the most toughest bosses. To go against Jordan, an S class fighter. Now that's a different story in of it's own.

"Yeah dude. How's it hangin' with the new World Trigger team?" Daichi

"Really good. Remember Reiji? Well, he's my new battle teammate, along with Yuma and Chika." said Jordan

Like Shoyo, Nishinoya also wonders what goes on the Training room part of the base. "You've seen World Trigger's episode 12 right? Well, same thing here. I'm the operator of the room here, name's Takeru. Pleasure to meet you guys" said Takeru

"And every room's background gets changed from the Training room's CPU?"

"Yep, be it a gym, open field... you name it. Now, it seems you guys will be up against the toughest fighters. Your former teammate...Jordan." Takeru


Shoyo and Daichi were shocked. Jordan, having used the weightroom and training room has risen to the top. The S-rank...along with Reiji too. Carrying an HP of 720k.

"Remember this form guys? It's the one I used when fighting alongside you."

"Yeah, we remember. But the bandanna is new." Daichi

Having entered Training room #001, Daichi and Shoyo now face Jordan. "You guys will be in your old stomping grounds... Kingdom Hearts' Grand Hall portion of Hollow Bastion.

*in Training room 001...

"Just be cause we're your old time friends, doesn't mean we'll go easy on you" Daichi

"Wouldn't want you to. Would be boring" said Jordan as he cracks his knuckles



"Trigger on? What's that Sho?"

"Don't tell me, you haven't watched World Trigger?" Sho

"Well, I was out with my friends. You can't blame me for trying."

Jordan pulls a fast one on Daichi and Sho. Sho, explains Trigger On to Daichi; his captain.

"So, they gain added strength?"

"Yeah. Jordan...he's no exception. He's been training, alongside Reiji and Yuma."

"It's as Yuma said. And having said you still wish to fight me?" asked Jordan


"Well, bring it yo!"

Jordan starts with his mystic arte which he chains it into a 35 hit combo ending in big damage.


"I admit your strong. But it's also thanks to you for training me and Sho. You didn't think that I was relaxing this whole time while you guys were having your own missions" Daichi

"Then show'em captain. Because last I checked he got you pretty good" Sho
With all the glitz and glamour of the busy season of Christmas, which people seem to be taking for granted. All about one family is settling down and getting ready for New Years. Yeah, the NCIS team of Washington state...the Levin family. Along with their newly recruited team of the Tamakoma branch.

Now having integrated into the base in 2014. Making the the newest member of the NCIS family, the Stryker base twice as large as the NCIS LA and NCIS DC branch.

Live for them has been hard. There's been many hardships along the way. But through it, they've become strong. For Jordan's agent partner and fighting teammate, Kevin though it would be time to pass it on to Reiji. He would be going back to Bellwood to live with Gwen.

"You deserved it dude. Don't do things I wouldn't do" joked Kevin "So I heard, that you gave them a hard time."

While Kevin would miss the big end of the year celebration, he would celebrate it with Gwen back in Bellwood.

For this, Jordan and Kevin spent time like old time buddies and classmates. Going to see a movie, hanging out in the base. "Thanks for having me sir" said Kevin "Your welcome, if your ever in the area, please drop by again" Commander Joshua

"So, you sure you aren't gonna stay for the New Years Eve celebration?" said Jordan

"Yeah Kevin, just this once. Like old time teammates. 'Sides, your flight doesn't leave til' the 2nd" Ben

"Well, alright yo. You guys win. And what about you Ben?"

"I've got a new team. Working alongside World Trigger's Tamakoma team. In fact, I'd like you to meet Reiji Kizaki and the rest of the Tamakoma team that will work with both Takumi and Commander Joshua.  

"Pleasure to meet you. Jordan's told me a lot about you. But, I'll keep it a secret and won't blab it to the rest of the characters." said Reiji in a deep tone

"Nice to meet you Kevin" Chika

"Like wise, I also hear that you had a troubled past Yuma."

"Yeah. Though, at the cost of my dad giving his life to spare me"

Ben convinced Kevin to say until the end of the first week of January. So Kevin agreed, which his flight takes off on the 2nd.

"Anyways, what brought this on Kevin that you want to go back to Bellwood?"

"Well, thing is. I heard that Grandpa Max started another sister base. It won't be as big as Washing state's base. And he wanted me to take charge and lead some of the agents. Will you help me get with this thing?" Kevin questioned Gwen

"Yes Kevin."

"Kevin, I've given you up to the stroke of the 31st. If your not back around 7 pm. We will start without you." Commander Joshua

"We'll try to make it sir."

Kevin and Gwen found a hotel in Bellevue, complete with a free meals, thanks to Commander Joshua. As the new room back at the Stryker base would soon house Reiji Kizaki, and the design of the room would have a World Trigger theme. The room that is to the left of Jordan's room, which was formerly Kevin's room.


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What's up Zeta here :). I haven't updated my profile in a while. Due to me writing fics and chatting on the PlayStation FB pages.

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