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Trafalgar Law's POV
I've met some interesting friends, during my time with the Straw hat crew. But the one I won't forget is Nami and her captain Luffy. More so Luffy. They've told me stories of how he would go to the extremes so to protect his team.

Heh, even to this day. I still question him. Even to protect me. A stranger whom he only met since the Archiepelago saga.

It's kinda funny, he reminds me of the stunts that Corazon would pull. I'd get really mad. While my sister would laugh on, it was humiliating.

Me, my original mission was to tag along with Luffy and complete our objective. And that would be that. And that when we met, we'd be frienemies. Even I didn't want anything to do with Luffy. And why Luffy did what he did.

But I guess, I was a total jerk. Not wanting the help of others. 9 pm, Luffy came in. "Hey bud, what're you doing". He said

"Oh hey, I'm just writing a journal of the adventures I've been on when I was with your crew." Law

Tears fall from Law's face

"What's wrong Law?"

"It's just, I was think about my family and Corazon. Seeing them powerless against Doflamingo. I couldn't do anything. Especially with Corazon.

"Believe me, I was in a similar situation. Remember with the Marineford?"

"Yeah, if my team hadn't come you'd be dead."

"Truthfully though, if you and Viola hadn't come, I'd be already dead at the hands of Doflamingo and wouldn't be able to talk to you like this." Law

"So, I see you guys were pretty busy huh?" Robin

"Yeah, these two were going at it. Due to what happened, Luffy went to aid Law. Because as a friend. He wouldn't want that scene from Marineford to play again." Paulie

As for the place that the gang were staying at, it was a Dressrosa inn.

"So, where will u go to now Law?"

"Dunno. I mean, the straw hats have done so much for me. Nami, Sanji cooking  and the rest etc..."

"Well, wouldn't the only logical conclusion is to join with them? They can back you up. And Luffy, you've seen what he's capable of doing right?"

"Yeah, guess your right"

*Law goes back to his room*

"Heh, dude's asleep fast. Guess all that fighting did both us in" said Law
It's the next day. The stage which the Tribe Cool Crew gang hung out is empty. No one around, just a few passerbys. "Shame, to think that this place was packed." said a young motorcyclist (26 yrs old). "I hear ya bro. With the Tribe Cool Crew gang dancing." said the motorcyclists younger brother (20 yrs old).

Rather than having stage shows, people were just passing by the stage. It wasn't the same. Just then Haneru and Kanon go up on stage and dance.

"Did he sell us out?" Kanon

"I'd like to think not. I mean, here we hit it off really well. Going through these dance competitions". said Haneru

*sighs* both Haneru and Kanon. As they go back to their respective home.

The time when they got home... a little past 15:00

"What's wrong son?" said Haneru's dad

"Well, the thing is..." said Haneru as he told them what happened

"Ouch, that bad?"

"Yeah, think I'll go to bed early." Haneru as he went to his room, with tears in his eyes.

The following day, Haneru dances at the usual hang out place where the gang met, all alone Suddenly, a tall figure comes in. "Heh, I knew you'd be here"

"So, did you really mean it? That you wanted to split us?" Haneru

"Well, thing is. That I thought that I could do it alone. That I didn't need you guys. But I found out, that it was more harder. Going it alone" said ???

"Me and Kanon trusted you."

"Believe me dude, I'm at fault here. It was selfish what I did."

"It's not that I don't hate you. You were the one that was encouraging me and Kanon in the first place. You were like a brother that I didn't have. And you've seen NCIS: LA right? Well, they're a team that rely on each other to get the work done. It'd be impossible if they were to go in at it alone." Haneru

"Wow, you really think that I'm like a brother to you?" Kumo

*sniff* "Yeah."

"Heh, look at you. Giving me this pep talk."

"Well, you do need it. After all what you did" Haneru

"Fair enough."

"Tell you what, since I got paid the other day. Let me treat you out. I want to make up for what I did. Y'know, buddy-buddy in all." Kumo

"Sounds good."

"Truthfully, I'd also be lost. If it wasn't for the team. Mizuki, Kanon, Yuzuru and you. Though I must admit you do crazy stunts time to time"

"Haha, same can be said with you."


After lunch time, the two friends relaxed at Haneru's home. Kumo told them about what happened, and he apologized. So, Haneru's mom thought that it would be great if he spent the night at their place. Haneru agreed.
Betrayal - Team Tribe Cool Crew Dissolved? 3
How does one repair a trust that was broken? That's on Kumo's mind. Not thinking about anyone else but only putting himself first.  
We last left the gang having been split apart. Which Kumo received a strong rebuke from his team and Jey El. "I knew it, it was all about you wasn't it". said a dissapointed Yuzuru.

Mizuki and Yuzuru were also frustrated. Having to now compete with Kanon and Haneru. "Poor guys" said Mizuki.

*The following conversation took place at 7 pm, at the usual eatery. But without Haneru and Kanon to join them.*

"Poor guys? What me?"

"Don't even go there. I don't even know where to start. So, you broke up the team. So that you can hone your skills? I get that we have to practice our dance moves so we can compete with other groups in all. But to do this right here? And in front of them? Was really selfish" Mizuki

"C'mon Mizuki, back me up here. We're friends right?" Kumo

"Friends? Answer me this then, does friends break up the team? Like how u casually did?" Mizuki

"N-no. But..."

"You heard them Kumo. You betrayed their trust. I've seen you guys go at it as a team, you were so good. Now, it seems like you guys have given up." said the fastfood worker.

"As if, I could do better. I don't need them." Kumo

"Now who's being the cocky and arrogant one? Even Haneru or Kanon couldn't bring themselves to hear this news" Mizuki

"Dance should energize the whole group. Not tear them apart." Yuzuru

"Seriously guys? K, this' getting ridiculous" Kumo

"It is isn't it? But even if you talk to Haneru or Kanon, do you think they'll accept your half-baked apology? I mean, who's to say that you would apologize, then go back on your apology and backstab them?" Mizuki

"Think about it Kumo. If Jey really sees that we broke up, he may not accept us. Saying; "Hmm..okay, what happened to Tribe Cool Crew?" You: Oh, we broke up. So I can hone my skills and dance with you Jey." said Yuzuru

"Do you think he would accept that?" Mizuki

"Where's the "big brother supporting his siblings" type of person that I first saw in you when Kanon and Haneru joined with us huh? Don't tell me that was a lie and saying that you didn't need them in the first place" Yuzuru

"That hurts guys, and here I was supporting you" Kumo

"Well, you did but look at what you did. You cast them aside, as if they were thrown away like recyclable paper or plastic water bottles. That they didn't matter. They might as be dead in your eyes" Yuzuru

"Which is it? Me, myself and I? Or... supporting the team as a whole" Mizuki

"If the answer is me, myself and I. Then you can forget it." Yuzuru


"Look, if you want to repair this friendship. You first have to talk to them and set things straight. It will be hard, yes. But knowing you. Your like a big brother to them. Show them that you care. And you HAD better apologize. Because Kanon is my friend too." Mizuki

So Kumo went off to see Haneru and Kumo. And would be a good time to spend time with them.

Kumo's POV
That's how it started out. See, I wanted to perfect my dancing skills and show it to Jey. Not knowing how Haneru and Kanon would take it. I'm sure they were bummed out of their minds. When they heard the news.

Heh, guess I deserve all this backlash. I thought that I could do these on my own. That if I showed Jey El, that he would accept me. But to see them like that.

So Kumo goes to visit Haneru first while Mizuki visits Kanon. In the hope that they would settle the matter and come together as a team. Restored...and ready to take on other teams.
Betrayal - Team Tribe Cool Crew Dissolved? 2
Chapter 2 of Betrayal - Team Tribe Cool Crew Dissolved?

Mizuki and Yuzuru have a stern and harsh conversation with Kumo. 
After their dance practice, Haneru...lays on his bed in his room. He wonders what they did wrong to deserve such a split within the team. Was it something that Kanon did? Nah! But what? They were a good dance team, having taste what real dance battles are really like.

Overcoming obstacles together, laughing together, just enjoying life. But now, the thought of a split. Even Kanon couldn't believe it herself. "Why?" She said in her mind. "Mizuki and I were really good friends. She even helped me when I felt like I had no hope".

Just then...on the way home from school, Master T moon waltzes and catches up with Haneru wearing a black tanktop w/brown khakis and black sneakers. "What's wrong dude? Care to tell me about it?" he said.

So they stopped at Haneru and Kanon's usual dance practice spot.

"Well, the thing is..." said Haneru as he started a conversation with T.

"That bad huh?"

"Yeah, I mean we hit it off really well. Doing dance battles as a team, and cooperating as a team. But now he wants to split us?"

"I-I'm sorry. But when he hear's this, he's gonna be pretty disappointed". Master T

"I suspect it as much. Said Haneru

"Shh, it's okay." Master T as he comforted Haneru like a big brother

"Thanks. But, it was good having this talk. Having a friend listen"

"Anytime. So, should I tell him?"

"Yeah, doesn't like when people tell secrets"

"That's true. K, I'll be right back"

* the usual dance spot where Mizuki and Yuzuru have a conversation with Kumo*

"Why do that to them Kumo? U know if he finds out, he will have us axed from the competition." Mizuki

"So? It was only about me, I want to be the one. For him to see me."

"Selfish much? I mean, here you had us fooled there. Acting all friendly in stuff." Yuzuru

*a virtual video pops up and it's Jey*

"So, tell me u didn't Kumo."

"Tell you what?" as he did one arm push-ups

"Don't play stupid with me. You know exactly what! Tell the truth, now. Because if I find out that you are lying, you will not participate in the finals"

"Go on Kumo, tell him. What u just told Haneru and Kanon"

"*gulp* O-okay.

"Y-you really did, didn't you?"

"Yes sir."

"You know? I'm really disappointed in you. I didn't invite you and your team so that you can be selfish and do stuff on your own. I wanted you guys to work as a team. Not be dissolved. I thought you knew better. That u looked out for others. But I guess, it was all about me and what I want. Instead of how can I encourage others and that we work as a team" Jey El

"Does Kanon know?" Mizuki

"Yes, Master T passed the message along to me. He told me all about it" Jey El

"Nice going Kumo" Yuzuru

"Yeah, thought we were longtime friends. But then I guess, that was a lie too?"

"Guys please try to understand."

"Oh, we do alright. That you used us to get what you want. That you thought that it was all about you." Yuzuru

So the three go their separate ways. How will this unfortunate event unravel? And how will Haneru and Kanon cope with this? Stay tuned...
After the reunion of Daichi and Shoyo with their friend Jordan, they head into the training room. Unlike the training room of World Trigger, this' slightly bigger. As it contains 390 rooms.

Room 390 houses the hardest bosses. From Ben, Kevin, Gwen, Joshua, Estelle Bright, Tita, Yuma, Chika, Reiji, Jordan, Agate, Deeks, Kensi, Sam, G Callen y'name it. Fighters that have underwent harsh training via Jordan and Kevin. will be Daichi and Sho's turn to try their hand.


"By the way, how does the kamui work?" Daichi

"You'll see it during the fight." Kevin

*cracks knuckles* "Here we go!"

*Jordan dashes towards Daichi knocking him into the air, followed by Agate jumping up and doing a 25 hit combo.*


"D-don't come any near bud. They'll catch u too" Daichi as he gets up

"W-what should I do?" Shoyo thinks to himself.

"C'mon Shoyo, remember our games that we had?"

*Agate then rushes towards Sho and attacks him.*

"Wait.. I have a better idea yo." Jordan

"Oh, we're trying that?"

"Yep. Ready?"

"Let's do this" Jordan/Agate

*Jordan/Agate fuse to become Jordan's soldier form*


"T-this' bad." Thought Daichi as he got up.

"What's the matter captain? Remember what u told me?" Sho

*Sho attacks the fused form of Jordan/Agate*


"I'm not like the same Sho you guys once new in HQ! Unlike you, I've been training with Kageyama and Azumane, Sugawara and Tanaka, a senior friend of yours and a junior. Trying to perfect my skills since you wouldn't-"


"Why don't you get it out in the open. What you did to Sho? And to Kageyama?" Sugawara as he entered room 390

"So, it's coming full circle" Kevin as he saw CPU monitor 390

"Yeah, seems that event stung Sho like a bee" Reiji as he watched Sho fight Jordan/Agate's fused form and struggle by himself.

*meanwhile...back in room 390*

Daichi watches Sho struggle against Stryker. Jordan and Agate's fused form, which they combined to form a super soldier

"huff...huff Y-your good Sho. However, if you and Daichi don't get it together. You won't be able to fuse. Fusing takes cooperation of both fighters. Really, I've been in your situation. Bullying Joshua, Estelle, even Tita to no end." Jordan/Agate

"I know. It's my fault. I was acting like a jerk during that episode. Rather than helping him, I only shunned him away" Daichi

*just then...Sho glows with a blue aura*

"Well then captain, ready to try it out?" *sniff* Sho

"Yeah. Let's get this done. And sorry Sho"

"Your forgiven." said Sho as he fist bumped Daichi

"Haha, looks like you guys finally get to perform it. We were wondering when you'd come along, or if you were just talk. Unless u don't stop us, we'll perform an S-Craft on you. " Stryker (Agate/Jordan)

"Bring it on!" Daichi

*Daichi & Sho fuse as well. Their form...Zeta, also a super soldier*

The fight went into the evening, the time...8 pm. Daichi and Sho fused to transform into a similar fighter form that looked like Jordan -Kendall- Levin's form. Performing their S-Craft, Daichi and Sho's fused form beat Stryker.

Jordan and Agate revert to their normal selves and walk the two out of room 390. "Wow dude's strong. Ever since we fought together" Daichi

"Yeah, could say the same for you too. With that form of yours."

Thus, a new original form was born. From the fused form of Daichi and Sho, become Zeta.


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United States
What's up Zeta here :). I haven't updated my profile in a while. Due to me writing fics and chatting on the PlayStation FB pages.

That will change though.
After that short game of Knack; I'll be heading to Second Son :). PS4's first triple-A title of 2014. Should be an interesting ride with Delsin Rowe now at the helm of the new adventure.

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