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After the reunion of Daichi and Shoyo with their friend Jordan, they head into the training room. Unlike the training room of World Trigger, this' slightly bigger. As it contains 390 rooms.

Room 390 houses the hardest bosses. From Ben, Kevin, Gwen, Joshua, Estelle Bright, Tita, Yuma, Chika, Reiji, Jordan, Agate, Deeks, Kensi, Sam, G Callen y'name it. Fighters that have underwent harsh training via Jordan and Kevin. will be Daichi and Sho's turn to try their hand.


"By the way, how does the kamui work?" Daichi

"You'll see it during the fight." Kevin

*cracks knuckles* "Here we go!"

*Jordan dashes towards Daichi knocking him into the air, followed by Agate jumping up and doing a 25 hit combo.*


"D-don't come any near bud. They'll catch u too" Daichi as he gets up

"W-what should I do?" Shoyo thinks to himself.

"C'mon Shoyo, remember our games that we had?"

*Agate then rushes towards Sho and attacks him.*

"Wait.. I have a better idea yo." Jordan

"Oh, we're trying that?"

"Yep. Ready?"

"Let's do this"


*Jordan/Agate fuse to become Jordan's soldier form*


"T-this' bad." Thought Daichi as he got up.

"What's the matter captain? Remember what u told me?" Sho

*Sho attacks the fused form of Jordan/Agate*


"I'm not like the same Sho you guys once new in HQ! Unlike you, I've been training with Kageyama and Azumane, Sugawara and Tanaka, a senior friend of yours and a junior. Trying to perfect my skills since you wouldn't"


"Why don't you get it out in the open. What you did to Sho? And to Kageyama?" Sugawara as he entered room 390

"So, it's coming full circle" Kevin as he saw CPU monitor 390

"Yeah, seems that event stung Sho like a bee" Reiji as he watched Sho and Jordan/Agate's fused form

*meanwhile...back in room 390*

"huff...huff Y-your good Sho. However, if you and Daichi don't get it together. You won't be able to fuse. Fusing takes cooperation of both fighters." Jordan/Agate

"I know. It's my fault. I was acting like a jerk during that episode. Rather than helping him, I only shunned him away" Daichi

*just then...Sho glows with a blue aura*

"Hey, I'm not mad captain. I'm sure you had your reasons" *sniff* Sho

"And yet those tears tell me that you didn't trust me."

"Really. To us... your like a big brother. Helping the team, even visiting my house y'name it." Sho

"I do remember." Daichi

"Haha, looks like you guys finally get how to perform it. U just needed to trust each other. And for u Daichi, it also effects the whole team." Jordan/Agate

The fight went into the evening, the time...8 pm. Daichi and Sho fused to transform into a similar fighter form that looked like Jordan -Kendall- Levin's form. Thus... the battle ended.

Jordan and Agate revert to their normal selves and walk the two out of room 390. "Wow dude's strong. Ever since we fought together" Daichi

"No kidding. But, it wasn't just Jordan. His brother was a powerhouse as well"
Jordan, now at Lv 32. Agate: Lv 32. With an HP of 520,000 each.


"Careful in there guys. Once u step through, you can't exit until either you get a game over or that you defeat your contenders. My brothers; Jordan and Agate" Kevin


"Having said that, do u still wish to fight us Daichi and Sho?" Agate

"Yeah, Sho and I have been through hard battles during my time in HQ. This should be a piece of cake" Daichi

"Heh, Captain may talk big. But he delivers. We've won and lost many games."

"Speaking of friends. You'll also be facing an S-Class fighter, Jordan -Kendall- Levin. My brother." Agate

*Jordan walks in. Coming in at 193cm. Several feet higher than Daichi*

"Woah, you guys weren't kidding." Sho

"Long time no see guys, do u still recognize me?" Jordan Levin

"Yeah. I remember that u and Sugawara used to scold me. When I wouldn't let Sho play and that I would shut the door on his face. This would get Azumane and Sugawara mad. Heh, I wouldn't hear the end of it" Daichi

"Just letting you know Daichi and Sho, they're not the same like when you allied with Jordan some months back. You'll see why when the battle commences" Kevin

In the weight room of the NCIS: Stryker base, Kevin tells Daichi and Sho about the new system that has been put in place. "*gulp* So when they merge, they gain offensive powers" Daichi

"Yeah. Known as the Kamui system. When two fighters merge, they become a new powerful fighter. You know the photo Jordan showed you? Well, that's the person they fuse into."

"How'd the battle go with you and Gwen" Sho

"Not good. Gwen, Kevin and I had our work cut out for us. Even though if the difficulty was set to normal. It felt as if it was hard" Ben

"Before Agate came along, there was another fighter that was a height lower than Jordan, he's 192 cm. Jordan's as he is now, 193 cm. You know him as Reiji Kizaki of World Trigger" Kevin

"Agate came when Jordan was a sophmore in Cascade. And a bully he was. But not just him, but half of his friends were mocked too."

"Yeah, it wasn't til' his junior year. Him, Tita and Joshua felt the full brunt of the attack of the Ravens. A group of bullies wouldn't stop. I was also a part of it." Agate


"He was. He couldn't bare it. So he took it upon himself to also defend those that couldn't defend themselves. It turned into like one of those NCIS episodes" Jordan

"I was their leader at the time. But like NCIS fashion, I was given the full interrogation treatment." Agate

"Commander Joshua, Jordan's father, was like Estelle and my dad. Rough at times, but wasn't fully a sargent. Where they yell at you." Joshua

"So to make it up, he would have you join us I take it" Sho

"Yeah, Commander Joshua's team wasn't gonna have it. So it'd be useless to betray them. They'd know immediately" Estelle    

"Though, there's times where he'd be like Marty Deeks; Jordan's nephew." Tita

"So, that's when they met your family Jordan?" Sho

"Yeah. Agate here was a former bully. But turned best friend, he was also my classmate"

"It was thanks to Jordan introducing me to Tita. If it wasn't for both of them, I'd probably do the same things I've been doing. Still, with Jordan and I having told u this sob story that's already past doesn't mean we'll go easy on you." Agate

"Same 'ol nii-chan." Tita said with a smile

"Haha, that's how my brother rolls" Jordan

"Not you too dude" Agate

"lol Relax yo, we're on your side. So, let's get this started" Jordan

This is a modern take of Trails in the Sky, which their base is the big NCIS: Stryker building in Everett.
Levin Brothers vs Daichi and Sho
The day has come, Daichi and Sho try their hand at attempting to challenge a more difficult version of his old time friend Jordan. However, Jordan ain't alone. Nope...his friend also joins in as well. 
Former bullies become friends. Bullies who...tend to pick on those that can't defend themselves. It's thanks to Kevin Levin knocking some sense into Jordan. Prior to NCIS: Stryker being erected in Washington state, Jordan was a bully. But unlike those who pick on special needs people, Jordan would expose those.

Now, in Washington state's NCIS: Stryker base, Deeks along with his wife; Kensi, aids Commander Joshua's team in missions.

To train, they'd go to the base's simulation room, the room houses a big lobby with 230 training rooms. Room 230, which acts like floor 50. Is the toughest of the rooms. Why? Well Luffy, Law, Deeks, Kensi, Sam, G Callen, Jordan Levin, Agate Crosner, Joshua Bright, Yuichi Jin, Yuma Kuga, Reiji Kizaki, Estelle Bright and Chika Amatori take command of the room.

All of which have a height of 190-93cm. With Deeks, Jordan and Agate at 193cm


Now, the newest fighter. Sawamura Daichi and Hinata Shoyo, Jordan's friends of Haikyu wants to try their hand at sparring with Jordan.

"You sure Daichi?" Deeks

"Yeah, well I want to see how much he's improved."

"U keep saying that captain, you should already know." Hinata

"I know. But to be honest, I want to see his new attack"

"Heh, you do huh?" Jordan

"How's it going?" Daichi

"Good, what've u guys been doing as of late?" Jordan

"Oh, we've been playing volleyball. Getting ready for the fall premiere." Hinata

"Whoa, dude's tall."

"*gulp* Y-yeah. See you've been exercising." Hinata

*laughs* "Yeah, it goes with being an Agent at the base. When we don't have missions, or that we have time off. This' where we go" Jordan

"You know Ashton Beal right Daichi?" Hinata


"Well, he's like the Eric Beal of this base. We've seen NICS: Los Angeles. His partner is Rowena Jones. Nell's sister" Hinata

"Yeah captain, how can u forget?" Nishinoya

"Oh, now I get it." Daichi

"Yeah, that's basically what we do here too. Ashton calls us to the OSP center, and from there we figure out any action that was taking place an hour to a few hours ago." Jordan

"To date, we have 500+ Agents working under Commander Joshua. All of which come from varying universes. Me, I'm one of them." Wally  

"Guys, I'd like you to meet Wally. He comes from the Young Justice universe" Jordan

"Hi, name's Daichi. I'm the captain of Haikyu!!"

"Heard lots of things from you" Jordan

"Yeah, I'd rather not talk about it. Even Sugawara scolded me" Daichi

"I'm sure you had your reasons captain. I won't hold it against you" Hinata



In the OSP center of the NCIS: Stryker base, Jordan and Wally talk about what happens in NCIS: Stryker. As they told them, the base operates much like NCIS: Los Angeles.
Deeks, with LAPD on his tail. He had no where to go, but to the NCIS: Stryker base. Thanks to Kensi and Callen defending him. It was undergo the mission and betray Deeks or shield Deeks from LAPD and send him to the Washington state base to be protected. And that he would work under a new boss.
Commander POV
This' Joshua, the Levin's father. Half of the LA team was sent to my family's state, Washington. Among them... Deeks, Sam, Hetty.

Like with the east, the west has also had a bit of trouble with it's own unrest. For Deeks, he will get to spend time with his relatives. The Levin family.

The time...5 pm.


*in Jordan's room*

"Hey bud." Deeks

"Wanna talk about it?" said Jordan as he sat next to Deeks while Deeks was laying on Jordan's bed.

"Well, you know what happened right?"

"But to do that to you?"

"I know right? I mean what the heck did I do to deserve that"

"What's the matter"

"Well, they found that he had a run in with the LAPD."

"The worst part is now they're treating me as if I'm a fugitive"


Meanwhile...Ben was on a mission with Wally, Chika and Yuma.

"What was wrong with Deeks. He seemed kinda down"

"Well it had to do with the LAPD. Now working under this president. He had no choice but to come to us. Thankfully Kensi and Callen saved him in time"


*in Jordan's room*

"So that's what happened?"

"Yeah, now with them working with the president. I have no where else to go"

"You still got us, remember?"

"How could I forget, you know how things got outta hand in the east? Well the same started in Los Angeles"

"Gotta be kidding me"

"I wish I was. But even riot guards were now being put in place in Los Angeles." Deeks

"He speaks the truth Jordan." said Hetty as she brought the two a bottle of water.

"So it's happening faster than I expected. With the kind of policies this president is driving at. No one's safe anymore" Jordan

*tears start to fall down Deeks*

"Hey dude, we're here for you. My dad, brother, mom, down to the agents that work with us. They'd do anything to save you guys." Jordan

"Thanks. And Kensi *sniff*..."

"She had to do what she had to do, to protect you. Her most trusted partner and loved one. If it wasn't for Commander Joshua and team saving her, she would've been killed." Hetty

NCIS Stryker - Cross Battle
It's on April 30. Commander Joshua sends his team on a mission in Washington state with Commander Joshua as leader and Agate, Jordan's brother as co-leader. While Jordan, Kensi, Deeks, Hetty stay behind in the NCIS Stryker base.  


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