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After the training session, Jordan thought he'd spend the day with his new friend Agate. "Sure, after with what I did to the team." said Agate

"I know you didn't mean it. I was the same too, saying things that I really didn't mean".

"That's true. Can we spar? I'd just be like old times. And I know what your gonna say, you don't have to say it. It's my fault."

"Wow, guess we got that settled" joked Jordan

*Agate laughs*


With this, Agate started to open up to the team. Spending the time with Jordan, Joshua, Estelle and Tita. Sparring, going to lunch, you name it. To them, him and Jordan were like a big brother.

While the kids were chilling in western Washington, their fun was interrupted with familiar bullies that Agate and gang encountered in Trails in the Sky.

"Why guys?" said Estelle  

"You protected us. Now it's our turn. No one hurts our friends and gets away with it" Jordan and Agate got hit trying to defend Estelle, Joshua and Tita

"Bro's right. 'Sides, we won't go down so easily." Agate

"Well, well. Look who it is." said Rocco

Performing a "Kamui"... Jordan and Agate fuse to become River Zastory. Jordan's old powerhouse form. Now, twice the offensive and defensive power as compared to the manga and anime version. Joshua Bright does a Kamui with Estelle and they become Ryu of Street Fighter.

"Interesting, so you gained the fused ability during your training?" Sorey

"And you guys thought you were the only ones that had it" Jordan/Agate (as River)

Along with River's form, they also retained his signature attacks. The Cyclone Grenade and Sonic Fist. The S-Craft, Blazing Fist. Essentially Sonic Fist but the fighter performs it twice, when the face-cut comes in...the fighter connects with a powerful blow with his right fist.

"I'm really disappointed Rocco, these families wanted to have a normal life. But what do you guys do? You come and mock them out right and ruin their time. I thought you knew better" Jordan/Agate

"We wanted to do it for you. That's what you would've done right?" Rocco's friends

"Not anymore. My friend Jordan here taught me that. I should've listened to them sooner." Jordan/Agate (as River)

"I didn't think you'd go this low. Even attacking passerby's." Joshua/Estelle (Ryu)

"Believe us guys, I used to be a part of this gang. This is what they do" Jordan/Agate (River)

"Fine, we don't need you. Get'em guys".

Just when things couldn't take a turn for the worse. Agate meets Rocco and his team, mocking families, to normal citizens within the city.

"Show me what you've got" Sorey

"Don't need to tell us twice" said River (Jordan/Agate)

"And River...I-I want to help too"

"Heh...guess we have no choice. K, show'em that you can stand up to these bullies" Jordan/Agate

And so... the fight commenced which River (Jordan & Agate) & Ryu (Joshua and Estelle) defended the citizens from Rocco and his gang of punks. After this, they revert to their normal selves. Unbeknownst to Joshua Bright and gang though, this was an actual mission that Ashton Baker assigned to them.

"G-guys, you okay?"

"Yeah, just need to rest" said Agate.

The cheap blow given by Rocco and gang took a big toll on Jordan and Agate. More so Agate.

"Tita, I'll take care of him this time." said Jordan as he picked up Agate and took him back to the base to get checked on

"That's right, he was a former bully turned friend."

"Yeah. Ever since... he's become like a brother to me and Jordan."

"We'll handle Rocco."

"Sorry guys" Jordan as he carries his friend

"Just one thing though... the moment he wakes up, I'm gonna smack him for making us worry." Estelle


"Kiddin' I wouldn't actually smack him"

"Wow, thought you didn't care" Tita

"Well, he may be a jerk at times. But deep down I know he cares for us" Estelle

*back at the base*

"How is he mom?" questioned Jordan

"Seems he got a slight fever. Considering what he's been through, he needs a brother and sister like you and Tita. I know it's hard son, but you gotta stay strong."

"I will, is it okay if I watch over him tonight?"

"Yeah, that'd be for the best."  

9 pm, Saturday. So Jordan puts a damp cloth on Agate's forehead to bring down the temperature. While watching over his friend. Agate wakes up *huff...huff* "J-Jordan."

"Yeah? I'm right here buddy. How're you feeling?"

"The temperature seems to have gone down. Where's Estelle and Josh? They still fighting" said Agate as he sat up

"They told me to stay behind and watch over you while you recover. Your one of our best fighters. I don't think Tita would be able to handle it if anything were to happen to you"

"And here...I was like a former bully, thinking that you guys were all talk. But seeing you guys in action made me realize that you'd actually defend me. After what I did. But seeing Rocco take it a step further, it was like a total nightmare."

"I was even worried that you wouldn't come around. Protecting us like this."

"I admit that I tend to go overboard at times. Heh, even I wouldn't hear the end of it with Tita scolding me." Agate

"True. Like how she tried protecting you. Yet you took the bullet for her."

"Now I know why you don't trust Bracers like Joshua."

Jordan and Agate were having conversations while Joshua and Estelle also chatted with Tita. It indeed took a heavy toll. The fusion with Jordan and Agate, becoming Jordan's old fighter form River Zastory. In the end paid off.
Jordan was one tough fighter. Being the original Bracer his strength was like Agate and Zane all rolled into one.

"Heh. Your tough one Jordan I'll give you that. But that doesn't mean that all three of us haven't been training as well." Agate

*Joshua and Agate attack Jordan simultaneously, followed by Estelle.*

With each fighter trading blow after blow, it would come down to the wire.

"Enough, Agate."

"No, I want to continue."

*laughs* "Look dude! I get that your tough in all. But your barely hanging on. You need to know your limits too" Joshua

"Yeah, best thing to know is when to stop. I was just testing you guys. Had this been a real battle you guys wouldn't have survived." Jordan

"I can see why you beat us Jordan." Estelle

"Your not mad" Jordan

"Nah, quite the opposite. We had lots of fun challenging you. While I hate to admit it, you were indeed a tough fighter" Estelle

"With that said, you guys pass."


"Yeah, knowing your own limits. Working as a team, the whole works"  Jordan

After the battle, Agate gained a new attack. Along with Joshua and Estelle. The formidable Delta Strike S-Craft. Involving 2-4 fighters.

"Truth be told, I was in your guys' situation when my older brother trained me. When I was a junior Bracer. In the end, it paid off." Jordan

"Nice!" Joshua

*Training Room 001 reverts to a blank large room and the kids exit*


*in the Simulated Room lobby*

"So, how did it go Agate?" Tita

"He's really hard. It's like half of my strength and the other half of Zane's strength combined into one." Agate

"Yeah, next time you'll be fighting alongside us."

"Well that will be in a different league of itself." Joshua

"Hmm...Jordan Levin...Jordan...Levin...Jordan"


"What is it, you keep saying his name" Agate

"Ah, now I know. He's the kid you've been bullying" Estelle

"Well yeah, we sorta went through this. But I guess if you guys haven't heard the whole story, then I'll tell you. You can probably guess where that X scar came from on his left cheek. I know, I'm not proud of it. There's things I wish I didn't do. But Rocco and them, they insisted that I join with them. Even becoming their leader.

Fortunately, they got what they deserved. They repeated the 10 grade over. Now, they resent me. Frankly speaking, I wanted them to learn their lesson. I'd be fighting alongside you guys rather than them. Stealing, making people's lives a living nightmare, you name it."

Agate told them everything. How Ravens operates, taking hostages etc... It was a complete mess.

"Now you know why I frown on you guys when you try to stick your nose in where it doesn't belong. Jobs like these, it would've been best if Jordan and I handled them" Agate

"I get it now." Estelle

"You didn't do it to be mean. But you wanted to protect us"

"Exactly. Heh...thanks to Jordan here, pounding some sense into me. I wouldn't here the end of it" jokes Agate
With Ravens having been disbanded... Agate now fights alongside Joshua Bright and his team. Being a Senior Bracer. "So, I hear you guys want to go through this training". said Jordan

"Yeah, what say you Agate? Not about to back down?" Joshua

"As if, I was born for this." said Agate as he cracked his knuckles

"Good, I like to hear that." Jordan

With this, the three head into the Simulation Room. A part of the base where trainers train new fighters...or just want to exercise by having mock battles.

"Like you Agate, he's also a senior Bracer too. But instead of a sword, he uses fists and feet." Estelle

"How do you know all this?" Agate

"Estelle and I've seen him in action. After our game got over, I was invited by Commander Joshua some few years back when they were living in Los Angeles. His nephew; Marty Deeks requested him to go on a mission with them. So, he agreed.

And man, I was ever surprised. He's just as tough as you." Joshua Bright

Prior to having a base facility in western Washington, Commander Joshua's family was living in Los Angeles from 2002-2007. It wasn't until a few years later after the base was built. The year...2013.

"This was the year that you guys came to the base." Wally

"I remember, you didn't come until much later. You were with the Ravens at the time." Joshua

"And the bullying?"

"Totally my fault. It was thanks to your father and Cassius Bright for breaking us up. Even though I didn't want to admit it at the time. They still had a point"

"Yeah, you weren't one to go down quietly."


"N-not you too Tita?"

"I admit that you may seem like a jerk at times, but deep down you have that big brother in you. Even Tita thinks so" Estelle

"True. guys think so? That I'm like your brother?"

"Definitely dude, You heard these guys right? With you putting your life on the line, so that you can protect them.

"Well, as said. It's thanks to Cassius and your dad. If it wasn't for them, muchless your family... I wouldn't know what I'd do." Agate

"Yeah, we also almost lost a fighter back there." *sniff* Tita as tears started to roll down her face

"Not to mention a best friend." Jordan

And so... after the conversation, Jordan goes on to train them in Simulation room #001. Like Agate, he's one of the base's powerhouse fighters. Exercising everyday with his brother; Reiji. The kids had a fun time reminiscing on the past.

This is a what if the Trails in the Sky were to happen in these modern times. "Having this conversation, do you guys still wanna challenge me?" said Jordan

"Yeah, we do." Joshua

"Careful, this senior Bracer also has an S-Craft of his own." Wally

"Oh yeah, seeing him in action... he has this combo that he utilizes both his fists and feet. Ending in a 15-20 hit combo. If his ally is with him, the combo will be up to 30 hits."

"Now I'm definitely interested. Lemme at'em" said Agate as he rushed towards Jordan.

"W-wait Agate!" said Estelle as she saw Jordan getting ready for his S-Craft

"Too late yo." said Jordan as he pulls back his fist and punches Agate with a powerful blow, sending Agate in Joshua's direction."

"See? This' why I told you to wait." Estelle

"T-this' unlike any fighter I've faced before." Agate

"Is that all? I haven't broken a sweat" Jordan

"Heh. I was just gettin' started bro" Agate as he got up

"Good, then show me what you've got" Jordan

The battle lasted for hours, even would go into the afternoon. Joshua, Estelle Agate was paired against Jordan. The original senior Bracer. And what a tough fight it was!
Kid Flash, former teammate of Robin's gang until the show got axed. Now works as a NCIS Stryker agent alongside Robin, under Commander Joshua Levin. Nobody thought that he would survive, that is... until Robin pulled him at the last second. Was his ability to run at mach speed gone for good? No one knows.

Wally's POV
It all seems strange to me. First thing I know that I was fighting alongside Robin. Then outta the blue, here comes a young person. And to use Phoenix Down on me? Though, one thing's for sure, whoever she is, I owe them a big thanks.

You may ask yourselves, "Why NCIS?" Well, ever since Young Justice got over. I had no where to go, and I got word from my friend Robin that there were these group of young to adult-age fighters that work at NCIS Stryker. A base that recently has integrated with Border and Trails in the Sky.

Unfortunately for the rest of my buddies in Young Justice, I won't be able to work with them. Yeah, it was sad saying goodbye. They were like my brothers. Seeing who can outrun each other. It was hilarious.

My new comrades, I'm known to them as Agent Wally West, or just Agent Wally. My new boss, Commander Joshua, is unlike your typical Commander.

Unbeknownst to Barry. I had to get out, as Eddie didn't want anything to do with us. Viewing us as a menace to society. No matter what we did, it still didn't seem enough. Fortunately, Reiji and Robin of YJ was there right in time to grab me.

"So, there's two of you?" He said with an evil look

You can bet what happened at the end. I wanted to stay, but Barry insisted that there was another team. "They can use your help" he said. And so, this' how I ended up with the NCIS Stryker team.

So it was up to Barry to take down his former friend, turned enemy. Eddie Thawne had set his eyes on Barry for quite some time, wanting to take him down. Iris thought she had done the right thing, in siding with Eddie. That is until she saw what Eddie has done. Overal having Barry now protecting Iris and her dad from Eddie.

"I was foolish to have listened to you. I should have listened to Barry".

"Fine, I don't need you guys. If there's one person that will take you down. It will be me"

"Not this time. I heard what you did to Barry, and to my daughter. What were you thinking?" Iris's father

Eddie tried using force in apprehending Barry. But in the end, it failed. Muchless doing it in front of Iris.



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What's up Zeta here :). I haven't updated my profile in a while. Due to me writing fics and chatting on the PlayStation FB pages.

That will change though.
After that short game of Knack; I'll be heading to Second Son :). PS4's first triple-A title of 2014. Should be an interesting ride with Delsin Rowe now at the helm of the new adventure.

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