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Today's the big day. That day you ask? Well, you gotta read to find out. Unbeknownst to Deeks and Kensi...they will face Natsu and Gray, which are of B-class fighters. Why not Kevin (Agate) and Jordan you ask?

Well, like World Trigger, they have to face the lower class before they can move on. Completing the fight against Natsu, Gray and 390 within the main Training room gets unlocked.

In the main lobby...while Jordan watches the fight on the 4K screen tv, he notices someone enter the lobby of the training room.

"Hey bud. Remember me?" said ???

"Buster? But how did you get here?" Kevin

"Well, since the team had a break some of us thought we'd hang out with u guys" Crawford

"That's awesome."

"What're u watching?"

"Fighters trying their hand at their opponents, in this case Deeks and Kensi going against Natsu, Gray and Wendy."

"Cool, mind if we tag along?" Hunter

"Not at all." Jordan

"Whoa, the whole gang's here?" Kevin (Agate)

"Yep. It's as Buster said."

"It's also thanks to your dad who's a SF Giants fan. Got his text via my phone." Buster

"And here we are."

"Yeah, they better get a move on."

"So, about Natsu. What show does he come from?" Lincecum

"Fairy Tail. Me and my wife also watch it when it's the team's day off." Crawford

"Yeah, they don't get along. Natsu being the hot headed one... usually jumps to conclusions without thinking" Jordan

"Haha, I could imagine. Seems he's doing it." Buster

The buzzer goes off and the door opens

"How'd it go Deeks?" Kevin

"Natsu almost had us beat. But we showed him a thing or two. ! And I've seen u guys before"

"Yeah, we flew from San Francisco. Hunter said that there was an indoor baseball arena in the NCIS Stryker's gym. He wanted to check it out" Buster

"We also threw around names, one thought of the Chromecast stadium. Another thought of the Square Enix dome, that's when we finally came up with the Bandai Namco Arena. Which is two stadiums in one baseball complex" Jordan

"It's one of the sections in the gym. We'll show u around."

The door to the training room closes and Kevin and Jordan take them on a tour of the gym which houses two baseball arenas.

The double doors slide open to the gym. "Wow, this place's big!" surprised Posey. "Yeah, we're sports fans. My dad's friends had the weightroom, training room and gym built. So that we'd get physically fit.

"And next to the volleyball courts, you have the baseball stadium. Lights on! Kevin

The lights turn on

And just like that, the SF Giants couldn't contain themselves. To see an indoor baseball stadium.

"It's just as big as ours." Hunter

"You guys got everything." Posey as he looks around.

"Haha, I didn't you guys had it in you." Crawford

"We also have club rooms too."  

Kevin leads the kids into one of the two club rooms, while Jordan takes Hunter, Natsu, Gray and Wendy. Just as the kids step into the room, the lights turn on. "Now I can get used to this. It's just like our club room" Posey

*meanwhile, with Jordan's group*

"Over here, we have the opposing team's club room." Jordan



"Are u crying?" Hunter

"Sorry dude. It's just that we could never afford this." Deeks

"Well, this' theirs. They wanted something so that people from out of state can come to exercise, play ball and volleyball. Which they would arrive via the space bridge-" Kensi


Buster was puzzled

"Space what?"

"Oh, it's a bridge that links to the area cities. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and many other cities etc..." Jordan

"None of this would've been possible if it wasn't for my dad. In the morning, he'd come down here to exercise." Kevin

"I also saw some extra rooms too."

"That's for the guests, who want to take a rest from a long day at work or just finishing a game, y'name it." Deeks

"Sure we earned money, about like 27k to 47,000 (max). But it ain't just about the money, rather it's to help the community. You've seen NCIS: LA right? Well, that's what our work entails here as well. We find out the mission, interrogate the person of interest etc..." Jordan

"Our dad...well he used of his paycheck to build this facility." Kevin

Kevin, Deeks, Jordan and Kensi chill out with the gang of the SF Giants. The kids of the Giants were quite surprised, to see what was in the basement floor.  
With the LA base gone, Deeks thought they had no where to go. That is until Hetty thought of joining NCIS Stryker. The newest base in the U.S

Main Stryker team
Headed by Commander Joshua, his wife; Evalyn, sons; Jordan, Kevin. Along with the rest of the team.
- Agent Jacob (Gray - Fairy Tail)
- Agent Chris (Jordan & Agate's older brother - human bumblebee Transformers)
- Agent Wendy (Fairy Tail - 15 yrs, youngest of the fighters) etc...
- Agent Ashton (Bajee - NORA)
- Agent Lucy (Fairy tail)
- Erza (Fairy Tail)
- Agents Sanada and Ryusuke (Case Closed - 11th Striker)

On a quest, to fight the terrorist within. Commander Joshua...leader of Washington state branch of NCIS, leads the team. That take back America. Thus, this' where the new base comes into play.


It's now 5 pm on August 27. The gang of the LA branch of NCIS arrive at the new base. They look around. "Man, this place is big." exclaimed Nell

Everybody of Washington state pitched in to help build the NCIS: Stryker base. Workers that had gym/weightroom interests in mind crafted the basement and gym section. Which also included the training room. Housing 390 rooms for mock battles.

Those with NCIS-show expertise, created the 2nd floor. Having an OSP that is twice as big as the L.A base + sleeping quarters, a kitchen, dining and office area.

"Wow, you guys thought a lot about this" said Deeks as he had a chat with Jordan.

"Yeah, considering with what's happened, they wanted to give back. There's some here that are real NCIS workers as well. Like my older brother; Chris"

" 'Sup." said Chris as he entered the weightroom basement.  

Jordan and Agate took Deeks, Kensi, Sam and Callen on a tour on the weightroom section

"I also heard u guys have a weight room?" Kensi

"Well, your practically in the room Kensi." Kevin Levin (Agate Crosner)

"That's the weight room?" Callen as he was surprised.

"Yeah. Thanks to my friends. You remember Daichi and Sho? Well they're one of the kids that frequent this weight room and helped get this section up and running." Jordan  

Dude's tall

"Excuse me?" said Kevin as he showed Kensi and Deeks around

"Oh, don't listen to him. Deeks, show a little respect" Kensi

"Yeah man, your in NCIS Stryker now" Callen

"Wait, don't tell me" Sam

"That I got accepted into the new base? Well, I was the one that told u guys to high tail out of the LA base, it was rigged to explode" Callen

meanwhile...back at the 2nd floor

"Nice place you got here sir" Hetty

"Yeah, everybody who's against this terrorist wanted to chip in and build this base." Commander Joshua

"So I heard."

"Speaking of Deeks, where is he?" Eric Beal

"Jordan and Agate took them on a tour of the basement's weight room section" Ashton Baker

Rowena meets Eric and Nell

"Welcome, name's Rowena Jones. Let me show you where the OSP of this base is" Rowena Jones


"R-Rowena?" surprised Nell

"Yeah, it's me sis. How were things going in the LA office?" Rowena

"Good, that is until-" Eric

"I'm sorry to hear that." Rowena

"Thanks. And I guess that would be the OSP center?" Nell as they approached the 2nd floor OSP.

Double doors slide open

"Wow, it is big" Nell

"You got it. Having a 4k touch screen on the wall. And Dell PCs with Windows 10." Ashton

"Heh, we could get used to this" Nell

"I concur" Eric

"Welcome guys, I'm one of the tech workers here." Agent Sting (Fairy Tail)

meanwhile...down at the weight room

"So, what's this training room?" said Deeks

"Remember your guys' target practice?" Jordan

"Yeah." Deeks

"Well, we take it up a notch. In this... we have mock battles. Sorta like a test to see how far you guys have come." Kevin

"Every room except 390 is open. For room 390? Well, it's open for the advanced fighters. Those that are of the A & S-class" Jordan

"I get it. The more higher the class. The difficult u guys become?" Callen

"Exactly. Though, you'd be facing a number of Agents willing to test you." Kevin

"But you won't just be fighting alone, you'll be fighting alongside a partner or a group. In this case, it would be Kensi. And Callen, you'd be paired up with Sam. Or Deeks, Kensi and Callen against our very own fighters" Kevin

Natsu and gang appear in front of them.

"Guys, I'd like you to meet the rest of our team" Jordan

Thus...Kevin and Jordan, along with Natsu, Ashton, Wendy, Orga Nanagear (Agent Orga), Joshua Bright, Estelle Bright and Erza would test them. To see if they have what it takes to fight against the terrorist. The terrorist who leveled their base.
Now safely in NCIS: Stryker, Jordan and agate come from the OSP. Looking bummed out, as if something big has happened.

"Hey Deeks." Jordan

"Something the matter?" Sam Hannah

"Well, as the Stryker team was just in the OSP center...Ashton Baker played a video. It seems someone has planeted a bomb within your guys' compound." Joshua Bright

"N-no way!" Kensi

"It was horrible" Cries Rowena Jones

"I'm just glad you guys got out fast." Agate

"So that's why you needed us to come here." Deeks

"Apparently, it was one of the president's men that did it. CPU, play vid of what happened an hour ago" Ashton Baker

"Accepted" base's CPU

The lacrima video starts to play

This' the president, since you have pushed me up against the wall. I will have no choice but to make your lives into a living nightmare. What was taken from me, I will take from you. Mark my words!! video stops playing...

"His men was dispatched to almost every base, which they set it to explode. Well, every base except this one." Agate (as Kevin)

What to do now? That was the question that was going through the gang's minds from the Los Angeles base. Fortunately, Evalyn prepared additional rooms for them to stay in.

The new base had everything, two bathrooms with showers, a kitchen, cafeteria in the 2nd floor. Then you had your amenities basement floor...which had a fully stocked weightroom, training room and gym, which included a sauna for the boys and girls and a heated indoor swimming pool.

This would be where Commander Joshua, along with his family and the rest of the recruited team would go in order to exercise. The Levin brothers; Jordan and Kevin (Agate Crosner) are classified as S Class fighters, some of the toughest fighters. Both were trained by their father.

Joshua, Estelle and Tita are A-Class fighters.

It was thanks to this fully armored base that the fighters would prepare for any threats that the president would bring on the base.

This...would be the Calm Before the Storm.
One has to wonder... when will people rise up and take a stand against this tyranny that is cropping up within America's walls. People who used to be for America... have turned their backs and turned to attacking America instead.

Well, a group of fighters who call themselves; NCIS Stryker have taken upon themselves. Their only last hope. As much as the cops hate to admit it, they now have to rely on the team. Washington state was one of the states that seceded from the union. And became a independent state, along with the state of Texas, Ohio, and the rest of the mountain and central states.

Leading the charge...Commander Joshua Levin. Father to Jordan and Agate, husband to Evalyn. The states mentioned, also joined the fight against DC and those that would threaten to attack the citizens.

All this...was thanks to one president. One president who would act on his own. Rather than support the citizens, he would support the enemies of America. All this happened when Deeks finished a mission with his partner; Kensi.

And thus... this' where the story starts


*cough cough*

"G-guys?" Deeks as he woke up from his rest and he got up from the couch.

"You there Deeks?" said Kensi

"Yeah, what happened here?"

"Seems this president is going on the offensive and started to attack us. You can see the results. The base itself is even about to fall apart"

"Fortunately, most of us survived the first wave of attack." Eric Beal

"We're here Deeks. I just got off the phone with Commander Joshua. Says that we're to head there right away." Hetty

"What happened to Sam and Callen?" Nell

"You rang?"

"So, you made it too."

"Just barely, I had to get my wife and kid safe. How bout you guys? How're you handling it so far?" Callen

"Well, we have to leave. As in right now. The building's about to collapse" Granger

"This' no drill." Eric

"So, no usual OSP meet up?" Deeks

"Nope I'm afraid. I know, we had such good memories in this OSP." Nell

So Nell and Eric look back at their OSP center one last time, with people evacuating the room.

"Really? Me and Kens were about to go on a vacation." Deeks

"You can save the jokes for later" Callen

"I know, I was just trying to lighten the mood"

"I thought the same too partner. But as it seems, we have to get out of here" Kensi

And thus Hetty, Granger, Callen, Sam, Deeks, Kensi, Eric and Nell got out of the office. Which they saw the bomb blast level the place.

The next day, a portal opens up where the entrance to the LA base used to be.

"Get in!" shouted a voice

The gang went through the portal, this portal led them to the new NCIS Stryker base at Washington state. The new shelter and base of operations. Commander Joshua along with his son; Jordan, Jordan's brother; Agate and friend; Yuma met them at the other end of the portal.

"What happened?" questioned Joshua Bright

*Jordan nods his head left to right* "Not right now" said Jordan

Kensi starts to cry, with Deeks comforting her.

"Hey Kuya, thanks for taking us in" Deeks

"Anytime" Jordan

Evalyn Levin along with Jordan helps them get set up in the base. From a President who everybody thought would lead America, now would betray the nation.

Former liberals, now turned conservatives join the fight to take back America. The nation that was once the Land of the Free.


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