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It was the top of the 4th inning. With no outs by Stryker. Kevin (Agate), Natsu Dragneel and Joshua Bright have once again loaded the bases. The captain of KC gave about 23-27 walk-off home runs and inside the park home runs.

The stadium...XSEED Games Field (stadium A). Stryker was also made up of DL players who were last seen recovering in the weight room of the NCIS Stryker base. Thanks to Jordan, his brother and sister. They now had a full recovery and are just as powerful as ever.

Leading Stryker, Pence hits another home run. Followed by Posey and Strickland. The score now rises to 40. The inning...7th inning. "This' a nightmare" one of the players of KC said

"Heh, just because you won against the Mets, doesn't mean that same tactic you guys pulled will work here" said Crawford

The game ended at the 9th inning. With a score of 40-20, Stryker beats KC. The fans of the opposing team clap. "Good game, you guys are also really good too" said Belt

"Thanks. While I hate to admit it, you guys had that iron wall built." Zobrist

With the game over, the team bows and shakes hands. With the stadium lights off, Jordan cleans up the clubroom. "Your still here?" Jordan

"Yeah. Seems that your friends improved. And they weren't just relaxing due to them being DLed." Zobrist

"Yeah, Pence and Belt wanted to spar and train with me and my brother. So I agreed, we couldn't just say no. For Belt, it took weeks. Weeks turned into months. With him just getting out of his surgery". Jordan

While recovering, Jordan's family tended to Belt. Which Evalyn Levin was like a mother to him. "Wow, I didn't know you could talk in tagalog" said Jordan

"Haha. Well, my mom was fluent in the language. Before moving to San Francisco, we used to live in Metro Manila." Belt

"How's your leg?"

"It's getting there, but not fully recovered yet. Can never thank you guys enough" Belt

With Cloud being called to join the main team in western Washington's base....he happily obliges. But yet will have to leave his other team behind.

"Say it ain't so" Tifa as she was teary-eyed.

"It is. Commander Joshua Levin has requested that I join them. With the way things are now, and with this president wreaking havoc...It's best that I lend my skills to them. And Tifa, try to understand k? It's hard on me, leaving you guys behind. But that time has come"

So Tifa helps Cloud pack. "While I hate to admit it, it's for the best. And I'll hold the fort here." she said. "Speaking of the Commander, I just got a text from him. Guess this' indeed it huh buddy? I remember the times we had, despite us battling Sephiroth" said Barrett

"Indeed. Okay Cloud, I got everything for you. Stay safe."

So the Space Bridge that leads to the NCIS Stryker base opens up in Nibelheim. Cloud revs his motorcycle. "Take care!" said Cloud as he speeds into the bridge. And thus, is the last time they'd see him in a long while.

in the Space Bridge

" 'Sup, Jordan here. Welcome to NCIS Stryker. You'll be lodging here and will be fighting alongside us for the next few years."

"Hey bud, how's it been" said Cloud as he was talking to Jordan via a holographic screen

"Heh, too long if you ask me. We'll be here to welcome you" Jordan

"Cool, can't wait to meet the team."

Space Bridge opens and Cloud parks his bike in the B1 garage of the NCIS Stryker base

"Guys, I'd like you to meet my long time bud. Cloud" Jordan

"Pleasure to meet you. Name's Agate, but you can call me Kevin. Why don't we head into the weight room. We can catch up there." Kevin Levin

"Sounds great. Lead the way" Cloud

Kevin (Agate Crosner) leads Cloud and Kevin's team into the weight room. Cloud was surprised to see how big the base was. "Barret wasn't kidding"

"Barret?" Natsu

"Barret Wallace, he's one of Cloud's teammates in FFVII." Kevin  

"Yeah, he told me that I'd be lodging with you guys." Troy (Cloud)

"The sleeping quarters is a level above this one" Jordan

In the weightroom, the gang continue their conversation while some lift weights and exercise.

"You remember Belt and Pence?"

"Yeah, my hometown was in San Francisco. Belt used to invite me to their game at the AT&T Park" Troy

"Hey, look who it is. It's our long time classmate" Belt surprised

"Yeah it is. How've you been?" Pence

"I'm doing good, and u guys?"

"Same. It wasn't the same, ever since you moved to Nibelheim." Posey

"Troy here was one of the kids that defended the special needs kids at our school" Jordan


"Yeah, got kinda out of hand. So much so that some of the students had to repeat 9th grade".

"That's cool :). So, what do u guys do here?"

"Well, our work is NCIS. You've heard of it right?"

"Yeah. Watch it every time" Troy

"Cool. This' the main branch to NCIS: Los Angeles. Kevin and my nephew; Detective Marty Deeks frequents this weigh room often, along with his wife; Kensi" Jordan

"That said, I heard you got admitted to Smash Bros. Way to go :). Normally it's hard to get in" Belt

"Yeah, they outfitted me with the Midgar background. Or a bigger version of it." Troy

So the newest fighter was Troy (Cloud). The kids helped him get settled in the sleeping quarters' upper floor. He was also greeted by Kevin and Jordan's dad and mom. Workers of the NCIS base as well.  

more to come soon...
With MLB just winding down. A new stadium is set to go up. That stadium you ask? It's based around the XSEED and Bandai Namco's company. Jordan, muchless the Stryker team were surprised to hear of the name. They didn't know what to expect. In keeping with the name, the stadium had pictures of Tales of RPG characters and XSEED Games characters.

Characters such as Asbel of Tales of Graces, Sorey of Tales of Zestiria etc... and Agate, Joshua, Estelle, Tita and Zane of XSEED's Legend of Heroes + Rean and Gaius of Trails of Cold Steel. Then it had car company logos too. Like Toyota, Ford y'name it.

For those not in the know, this' the stadium that got erected back in 2010, a year after the main Stryker facility was built.

The baseball stadium itself houses 4 arenas. Two in the main Bandai Namco Arena itself, and the other two in the courtyard area of the base.

The team of 9 players got to be known as the Washington Strykers. Having a fast pitcher, outfielder, batter etc.. The captain of the team; Agate Crosner and the players that follow are known to strike out the batters and have a HR that's impossible to catch as it travels to the tune of 50-60 MPH through the air having an almost guaranteed inside-the-park homerun.

Teams have tried to win against them. But fall short. Along with having games... Bandai Namco also holds training sessions too. Whether it's in stadium A or B. Even the strongest teams...they came close, but no such luck.

Belt, along with his wife met the rest of the team. Bochy had requested that he would rest up and do some training and recuperating at the base.


*at stadium A's clubroom*

"So, this' where you were." said Buster, Brandon's teammate.

"Yeah, seeing you guys go at it... I couldn't just sit around and not do anything while watching you guys". Belt

"Duly noted. So what were u doing here while us and the team were unfortunately loosing"

*tap* Pence


"Don't wanna jinx us now yo" Kontos

"Well, since the surgery. I've been resting up at the Stryker base in Washington state. Jordan's family was really generous." Belt  

"He also asked either of us... my brother Agate, or me to spar with him as he recuperates." Jordan

"Though, I gotta say that Agate's team is hard. Jordan wasn't lying. I saw it for myself...the way that his brother pitches. No one's been able to get a single hit off of him. And if the team were batting...well, only the fastest catchers would be able to pick off this team. It was 30-10. With the Dodgers loosing.

His brother's team had 5-10 RBI's each.." Brandon

"Dang, that tough?" Pence

"Yep. Jordan and his family also took the time to minister to me. It was what my wife and I wanted." Belt

"Ever since then... they've become best friends." Agate

The Dodgers had a crushing defeat with the Strykers. With them having only scored 10. The game was held in stadium B, which transformed into the Tales of Xillia stadium
Today's the big day. That day you ask? Well, you gotta read to find out. Unbeknownst to Deeks and Kensi...they will face Natsu and Gray, which are of B-class fighters. Why not Kevin (Agate) and Jordan you ask?

Well, like World Trigger, they have to face the lower class before they can move on. Completing the fight against Natsu and Gray...Orga and Lucy unlocks room 390 within the main Training room.

In the main lobby...while Jordan watches the fight on the 4K screen tv, he notices someone enter the lobby of the training room.

"Hey bud. Remember us?" said ???

*Buster looks around*  

"Buster? But how did you get here?" Kevin

"Well, since the team had a had their final game, some of us thought we'd hang out with u guys" Crawford

"That's awesome." Nell Jones

"Yeah, so we'd fly on over to Washington state." Hunter Pence

"Anyways, what're u watching?" Buster

"Fighters trying their hand at their opponents. In this case... Marty Deeks and Kensi is going against Natsu, Gray."

"Cool, mind if we tag along and watch?" Hunter

"Not at all." Jordan

*Hunter looks around*

"Buster's right, seems you guys place you guys got here." Hunter Pence

"Thanks, we thought it'd be cool to have a sports complex so that the workers here would shoot hoops, play volleyball, tennis and baseball. " Jordan

"Though, this' only a portion of the base. We could take a tour if you'd like." Kevin

"Yeah?" Buster

"C'mon dude, you guys wanted to check out this place. " Lincecum

"Oh, that's right. By the way, what's Fairy Tail?" Buster

"It's this show that me and my wife watch when the team has a day off. Their supposed main protagonist is Natsu." Crawford

"Yeah, both him and Gray don't get along at times. Natsu, being the hot headed one... usually jumps to conclusions without thinking" Jordan

"Haha, I could imagine." Buster

The buzzer goes off and the door opens

"How'd it go Deeks?" Kevin

"Natsu almost had us beat. But we showed him a thing or two. ! Think I've seen u guys before" Deeks

"We just flew from San Francisco the other day."

"Yep, Hunter here couldn't wait to see the new gym."

"Haha, I have a friend like that. Well, what say you bro?"

"Sure. Right this way" Kevin

"Speaking of stadium, we also threw around names. One thought of the Chromecast stadium... another thought of the Square Enix dome, that's when we finally came up with the Bandai Namco Arena. Which has 2 large stadiums." Jordan

"It's right next to the main gym." Eric Beal

The door to the training room closes with Natsu, Gray exiting. Kevin and Jordan take them on a tour of the gym which houses two baseball arenas, along with the basketball and volleyball courts.

The gang arrive at the gym's baseball section and the double doors slide open to the gym's baseball lobby. Two stadiums marked "north" and "south" with a receptionist desk in the middle. "Wow, this place's big!" surprised Posey. "Yeah. You have your main play area, plus the dugout and clubroom for each of the stadiums." Jordan

"It's just as big as ours." Hunter

"Haha, I didn't think you guys had it in you." Crawford

"I was surprised myself when me and my bro came here and our dad showed us. There'd be people manning the cafe, lunch area, commentators on the commentator room y'name it." Jordan

Jordan takes a group to the northern stadium, while Kevin takes another group to the southern stadium. "Heh, I could definitely get used to this" said Hunter "I hear ya." said Belt

"Over here, we have the northern stadium section of the Bandai Arena." Jordan with group 1


"Whoa, your dad thought of everything" Gray

"Well, it's what we wanted too. On top of the weight room. So that teams can come and challenge Strykers' own team." James

*gulp* "O-Own team?" Hunter

"Heh, not afraid are ya?" Buster

"Course not. I was just surprised, that's all" Hunter

"My bro, he's one of the pitchers of the team.

meanwhile with Kevin's group...


Belt was puzzled

"Space what?"

"Oh, it's a bridge that links to other cities within the U.S, it's like a mass transportation system that links back to this main base. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and many other cities etc... Even cities that are out of the U.S. One thing though that it will never link to, are enemy infested countries." Kevin

"None of this would've been possible if it wasn't for my friend's dad. In the morning, he'd come down here to exercise." Natsu

"And I also saw some extra rooms too. What's that about?" Sergio

"That's for the guests, who want to take a rest from a long day at work or just have come back finishing a game, y'name it." Deeks

"All this cost a lot sure, which we receive anywhere between $250k-400k. So it would be enough to have the base and sports multi complex facility built next to the main section of the base.

"It's getting late though, why don't we head up?" Deeks

"Good idea. We'll talk more later." Kevin

Kevin, Deeks, Jordan and Kensi chill out with the gang of the SF Giants. The kids of the Giants were quite surprised, to see what was in the basement floor. Known as the Bandai Namco arena, the baseball stadium houses two fully functioning stadiums, complete with all the amenities. Such as; cafe, bathrooms, lunch area down to the main playfield and the commentator room that's perched several feet above the 4th row.  
With the LA base gone, Deeks thought they had no where to go. That is until Hetty thought of joining NCIS Stryker. The newest base in the U.S

Main Stryker team
Headed by Commander Joshua, his wife; Evalyn, sons; Jordan, Kevin. Along with the rest of the team.
- Agent Jacob (Gray - Fairy Tail)
- Agent Chris (Jordan & Agate's older brother - human bumblebee Transformers)
- Agent Wendy (Fairy Tail - 15 yrs, youngest of the fighters) etc...
- Agent Ashton (Bajee - NORA)
- Agent Lucy (Fairy tail)
- Erza (Fairy Tail)
- Agents Sanada and Ryusuke (Case Closed - 11th Striker)

On a quest, to fight the terrorist within. Commander Joshua...leader of Washington state branch of NCIS, leads the team. That take back America. Thus, this' where the new base comes into play.


It's now 5 pm on August 27. The gang of the LA branch of NCIS arrive at the new base. They look around. "Man, this place is big." exclaimed Nell

Everybody of Washington state pitched in to help build the NCIS: Stryker base. Workers that had gym/weightroom interests in mind crafted the basement and gym section. Which also included the training room. Housing 390 rooms for mock battles.

Those with NCIS-show expertise, created the 2nd floor. Having an OSP that is twice as big as the L.A base + sleeping quarters, a kitchen, dining and office area.

"Wow, you guys thought a lot about this" said Deeks as he had a chat with Jordan.

"Yeah, considering with what's happened, they wanted to give back. There's some here that are real NCIS workers as well. Like my older brother; Chris"

" 'Sup." said Chris as he entered the weightroom basement.  

Jordan and Agate took Deeks, Kensi, Sam and Callen on a tour on the weightroom section

"I also heard u guys have a weight room?" Kensi

"Well, your practically in the room Kensi." Kevin Levin (Agate Crosner)

"That's the weight room?" Callen as he was surprised.

"Yeah. Thanks to my friends. You remember Daichi and Sho? Well they're one of the kids that frequent this weight room and helped get this section up and running." Jordan  

Dude's tall

"Excuse me?" said Kevin as he showed Kensi and Deeks around

"Oh, don't listen to him. Deeks, show a little respect" Kensi

"Yeah man, your in NCIS Stryker now" Callen

"Wait, don't tell me" Sam

"That I got accepted into the new base? Well, I was the one that told u guys to high tail out of the LA base, it was rigged to explode" Callen

meanwhile...back at the 2nd floor

"Nice place you got here sir" Hetty

"Yeah, everybody who's against this terrorist wanted to chip in and build this base." Commander Joshua

"So I heard."

"Speaking of Deeks, where is he?" Eric Beal

"Jordan and Agate took them on a tour of the basement's weight room section" Ashton Baker

Rowena meets Eric and Nell

"Welcome, name's Rowena Jones. Let me show you where the OSP of this base is" Rowena Jones


"R-Rowena?" surprised Nell

"Yeah, it's me sis. How were things going in the LA office?" Rowena

"Good, that is until-" Eric

"I'm sorry to hear that." Rowena

"Thanks. And I guess that would be the OSP center?" Nell as they approached the 2nd floor OSP.

Double doors slide open

"Wow, it is big" Nell

"You got it. Having a 4k touch screen on the wall. And Dell PCs with Windows 10." Ashton

"Heh, we could get used to this" Nell

"I concur" Eric

"Welcome guys, I'm one of the tech workers here." Agent Sting (Fairy Tail)

meanwhile...down at the weight room

"So, what's this training room?" said Deeks

"Remember your guys' target practice?" Jordan

"Yeah." Deeks

"Well, we take it up a notch. In this... we have mock battles. Sorta like a test to see how far you guys have come." Kevin

"Every room except 390 is open. For room 390? Well, it's open for the advanced fighters. Those that are of the A & S-class" Jordan

"I get it. The more higher the class. The difficult u guys become?" Callen

"Exactly. Though, you'd be facing a number of Agents willing to test you." Kevin

"But you won't just be fighting alone, you'll be fighting alongside a partner or a group. In this case, it would be Kensi. And Callen, you'd be paired up with Sam. Or Deeks, Kensi and Callen against our very own fighters" Kevin

Natsu and gang appear in front of them.

"Guys, I'd like you to meet the rest of our team" Jordan

Thus...Kevin and Jordan, along with Natsu, Ashton, Wendy, Orga Nanagear (Agent Orga), Joshua Bright, Estelle Bright and Erza would test them. To see if they have what it takes to fight against the terrorist. The terrorist who leveled their base.


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That will change though.
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